Ugreen HiTune X6 Review: Affordable TWS Earphones with ANC

UGreen is a popular maker of an award-winning product portfolio that ranges from charging devices, mobile phone and computer accessories, to home and automobile accessories. Its TWS line is also making waves with its HiTune X series. The newest offering, the HiTune X6, is shaping up to be a best-value earphones that packs premium features in a lesser price point. With the sea of TWS devices in the market, will the UGreen HiTune X6 sticks out from the crowd? Let's find out in this review.

UGreen HiTune X6 TWS Earphones Review

UGreen HiTune X6 Review


The case is designed differently from what we've been accustomed to. Both the top and the base are flat, while the sides are curved. It has a plastic build but it definitely looks and feels premium. The case is also not slippery on the hands; it has a matte texture that gives you a good grip. Its small footprint allows you to slide it easily in your pockets. 

UGreen HiTune X6 Review

For monochrome lovers, you'll be delighted by the gray and black tones of the case. On top of its minimalist appeal, the audio device only has the UGreen branding on the top lid. Both the multifunction button and USB-C port are on the rear, while the LED notification is on the front. 

UGreen HiTune X6 TWS Earphones Review

UGreen HiTune X6 Review

Just like the case, the pair of earbuds also comes in unique design. Though the earbuds "head" are regularly shaped, the stem adopts a pod-like construction which could be visually bulky. This could be an eyesore if you're into slim stems. Aside from that, everything else falls into place in terms of the build. The earbuds feature a two-tone colorway; they also use eartips to passively seal noise.

UGreen HiTune X6 Review

Fit and Function

Despite its construction, the UGreen HiTune X6 is very comfortable to use even in longer periods of time. The earbuds do not easily fall off from your ears even in strenuous workouts. You can also optimize your experience by choosing the preferred eartips which come out of the box.

UGreen HiTune X6 Review

The HiTune X6 supports Active Noise Cancellation which makes it one of the more affordable devices in the market that support ANC. You can activate it by long pressing either of the earbuds. However, I noticed that the volume is cranked down when toggling to ANC mode; it feels like a chore putting it back to its pre-ANC volume.

The earbuds are touch activated which is very handy compared to an actual physical button found in other earbuds. By default, you can Play/Pause by doing a single tap (L or R) on the touch interface. You can skip to the next track by triple tapping the right earbud and go back to the previous track by triple tapping the left earbud.

Likewise, you can answer and end calls by single tapping (L or R). Declining a call is also easy, all you have to do is make long press gesture for 2 seconds. Additionally, you can invoke the voice assistant by doing the same gesture. The UGreen HiTune X6 also supports different kinds of modes. You can switch to normal and gaming modes by quadruple tapping either left or right earbud. Activating the ANC feature would require a press and hold gesture for 1 second.

It's also worth-noting that the TWS offers 50ms ultra-low latency and 6-mic noise cancellation features. The latter reduces ambient sound so you'll register to have clear and noise-free input on your caller's perception.

Sound Quality and Performance

The UGreen HiTune X6 is a winner in terms of sound quality. My personal favorite is the bass response - it's rich and oozing with texture. It has an established soundstage with instruments being registered well. The lows, mids, and highs are well balanced as well. 

UGreen HiTune X6 Review

Voice calls or voice in general also registers clear and loud. This TWS is very dependable in virtual meetings and online conferences. The device's in-ear detection feature is also very good.

Like what I've said before, the Hybrid ANC feature is on-point. I wish there's a companion app for UGreen wireless earphones. The app could provide customization and management features for the device.

Battery Life

I squeezed in more than 5 hours of uninterrupted music playback with the earbuds - that's quite an impressive feat. Turning on the ANC feature will cut the battery life to almost four hours. With the case, you can last up to 26 hours of battery life.

The USB-C support allows the device to take advantage of the fast charging feature. You can charge the earbuds from 0 to 100 percent in 1.5 hours.

UGreen HiTune X6 Review

Verdict: Should You Buy The Ugreen HiTune X6?

The UGreen HiTune X6 is a very competitive TWS earphones. For its Php 2999 price point, it's very easy to recommend. I mean, the features that you'll get - Active Noise Cancellation, great sound quality, long battery life - are worth more than the asking price.

If you're looking for a solid TWS for your work, fitness, and entertainment, the UGreen HiTune X6 is a great choice.

Tip: You can get it in Lazada for as low as Php 2249 this 10.10 sale.


  1. Great sounding TWS
  2. Winner ANC feature for its price
  3. Awesome overall value


  1. Stem is quite bulky

UGreen HiTune X6 Specs

Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation
Bluetooth 5.1
35dB Noise Cancellation
50ms ultra low latency
6-mic Noise Cancellation
10 meter range
AAC, SBC Codes
20Hz to 20 KHz frequency response
6 hours battery life for earbuds
26 hours total battery life with the case

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