Sudio T2 Review: Solid TWS earphones with ANC

Sudio has been releasing interesting TWS products in the last several years. Its latest release, the Sudio T2 offers a whole new sound experience with its chic design and feature-packed internals. For one, it supports active noise cancellation coupled with a beamforming microphone for clearer calls. This seems to be very promising on top of the dynamic driver which serves as the muscle of the earphones.

Sudio T2 TWS Earphones Review

Sudio T2 TWS Earphones Review

The TWS market is getting a bit saturated, and brands like Sudio wanted to have a bigger chunk in the pie. Would the Sudio T2 be a good companion for your daily auditory needs? Let's find out in this review.

Design: Small vibrant case with solidly-built earphones

The Sudio T2 rocks a pebble-shaped case that looks very elegant. We have the Jade variant which is refreshingly trendy and catches a good amount of attention when we talk about TWS earphones. There's a silky feel on the case's body which adds a layer of premium for the product. It's worth-noting that the case is small - even smaller than an Airpods Pro case. There's also a fixed lanyard attached to the right section of the case for better handling of the product.

Sudio T2 TWS Earphones Review - Design

The case has a multi-function button located on the bottom side and a USB-C port on the back. The actual earphones are also small; each actually weigh only 5.3 grams. There's a touch interface on the main body of the earphones together with the LED indicator. 

What's in the Box?

The eartips can be interchanged depending on the preference of the user, I use the one that comes out of the box. But just in case, you can choose among small, medium, and large eartips. Speaking of the box, the Sudio T2 packaging comes with a generous set of items - three pairs of eartips, USB-C cable, microfiber cloth, and some documentations.

Sudio T2 TWS Earphones Unboxing

Fit and Comfort: So comfy, even in longer hours of usage

The Sudio T2 will definitely fit more ears with its streamlined design. Of course, it'll fit comfortably with the lighter and subdued finish. It does not easily fall off the ears; in fact, working out with the Sudio T2 is a worthwhile experience. 

Sudio T2 TWS Earphones Review

For longer usage, you can feel a minute pressure on the walls of your ear but it goes away once you readjust the fitting of the earphones. The earphones also passively blocks a considerable amount of ambient noise with its rubber-tip design.

Overall the Sudio T2 TWS earphones are comfortable to use. They are light enough that it feels like they're barely there.

Performance, Sound Quality: Solid Soundstage

The Sudio T2 has an 8mm dynamic driver which allows crisp and clean sound. Listening to Dive by IKON brings out the prowess of the TWS. It has a very balanced soundstage which offers a very aggressive distinction of lows, mids, and highs. Musical instruments like guitars and percussions also register clear - even better than the Apple Airpods Pro.

Sudio T2 TWS Earphones Review

The bass is very defined but not to the point that it's overpowering. In terms of voice calls, the Sudio T2 is also a winner. It offers clears voice registry with a defined volume - a much better performance than other earphones with bigger drivers.

Sudio T2 has no companion app, thus you need to navigate controls using the touch sensor integrated on the earphones. You can play, pause, skip tracks, take calls, and control volume by tapping the panel. Plus, you can reject calls or place a call on hold by doing a press-and-hold gesture. Moreover, you can activate the active noise cancelation feature by holding the panel for 2 seconds.

UPDATE: Sudio has now an app available on Google Play and Apple App Store, the Sudio Personal Sound App, allowing you to toggle thru listening modes and edit equalizer for the flagship Sudio T2 and more.

The Sudio T2 also uses beamforming microphones which reduce ambient noise. In fact, it has two microphones - one pointed at the user's mouth and one pointed at the surrounding. This array of microphones plus some nifty algorithm achieves this feat.

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Long-lasting battery

The Sudio T2 has a total playing time of 35 hours. Each earphone has up to 7 hours and 30-minute battery life. This drops to 6 hours and 30 minutes when you use the ANC with music playback.

There's no wireless charging option here. With its price, I think Sudio T2 could pull it off. However, I think that leaving the wireless charging option in the cutting room allows them to save ample space and have a case with a tiny footprint.

Sudio T2 TWS Earphones Review

The Wrap

The Sudio T2 is priced at Php 6,500. For a non-Airpods device, this would fall on the premium category. But we think that this is a fair asking price for a TWS that could arguably beat Airpods Pro in terms of sound quality. 

Aside from the amazing sound stage, there are a handful of gems that we love about the Sudio T2 - eye catchy colorways, minute design, long battery life, and comfort of use. If you're looking for an Apple Airpods Pro alternative, this TWS would be a great option.

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Sudio T2 Specs

8mm Dynamic Driver
16 ohm impedance
Sensitivity: 92 dB at 1.0 KHz
Touch Panel Interface
In-ear True Wireless Type
2 microphones per earphone, 4 mics total
Earphone: 5.3g
Charging Case: 35.6g
iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux
Up to 35 hours in total,
Up to 7 hours 30 minutes on one charge
ANC + Music: 6 hours, 30 mins
Quick Charge: 10 mins charge, 2 hours playtime
Bluetooth 5.2
10-meter range
SBC Codec
Colors: Jade, White, Sand, Black
Php 6,500
15% OFF with code PMGSUDIOT2

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