Get online class ready with vivo V21 5G and V21e

It’s back to the daily grind for students as the new school year starts. This means they need a reliable device that will aid them in their online classes and ensure they are able to follow their lessons and learn without any difficulties. And as one of the leading smartphone brands globally, vivo ticks all of the boxes when it comes to an online class-ready smartphone, such as the vivo V21 5G and V21e.

Get online class ready with vivo V21 5G and V21e

Here are some tech essentials that make the vivo V21 5G and V21e stand-out.

High-quality camera for the best video call quality

With many online classes requiring students to turn on their cameras for attendance and other activities, having a high-quality camera is a must. This makes the V21 5G and V21e the perfect smartphones. As vivo’s ultra-sleek selfie phones, the V21 5G and V21e are equipped with a 64MP rear camera and a 44MP front camera with Optical Image Stabilizer that ensure only the clearest and most-flattering photos and video calls.

Robust RAM for a zero-lag performance

Many online classes require a lot of educational videos and online quizzes. Due to these, a zero-lag experience using their device is non-negotiable. With the vivo's Extended RAM feature on both the V21 5G and the V21e (8GB+3GB), students can seamlessly access multiple apps and switch applications with ease. They can also access files and programs faster so they don’t get left behind during their classes.

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Fast-charging battery for non-stop activities

With classes running for several hours, it's important to have a device that will not give up halfway through and will not make students miss crucial lessons. Both the V21 5G and V21e come with a robust 4000 mAh battery, augmented by a 33W fast charge feature. vivo claims it can charge the battery from 0% to 63% in half an hour which in turn gives users more juice for more activities.

Clearest display for better viewing and reading

When most learning is done online and digitally, it is important to have a screen where users can see their assigned readings, videos, and other files more clearly. With the 6.44-inch AMOLED Full-screen display, both the V21 5G and V21e ensure that students will not miss anything.

Sleek, light, and trendy device for everything and beyond online learning

Apart from online classes, it's a given fact that smartphones are the primary means for students to socialize and unwind after classes, especially given the current COVID-19 situation. It is important that their device does not feel like its cumbersome or inconvenient to use. vivo’s slimmest 5G mobile phone to date, at only 7.29mm and weighs 176 grams, the V21 5G, along with the V21e with its 7.38mm thin body and 171-gram weight, offer users a very comfortable handheld experience.

Get your hands on the V21 5G and V21e online via the official vivo store in Lazada and Shopee, as well as in vivo kiosks and stores nationwide.

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