Rapoo VH160 Quick Review: Affordable Gaming Headset with Surround Sound

If you're in the market for some affordable gaming headphones, Rapoo might got something for you. The computer peripheral slash gaming accessory maker outs Rapoo VH160. It's a Virtual 7.1 Gaming Headset with a highly imposing design, intended for gamers who wants to scale other alternatives to the more expensive gaming headphones in the market.

Rapoo VH160 Quick Review: Affordable Gaming Headset with Surround Sound

Rapoo VH160 Gaming Headset Review

Design: Imposing yet Functional

The Rapoo VH160 Gaming Headset has a very straightforward box with black and teal tones. We have the main headset inside and some documentations to get us started. The Rapoo VH160 is definitely an eyecatcher due to its sheer size. 

Rapoo VH160 Quick Review: Affordable Gaming Headset with Surround Sound

It has a faux leather headband and another metallic band which functions as a brace, supporting the two earpads. Speaking of the earpads, they come in circular design. 

Rapoo VH160 Gaming Headset Quick Review

The inner side of the pads are made of faux leather material. These are soft and they provide comfort for the users. However, it could be a different story when using it for longer hours. The back section of the earcups are made of plastic, these come with the Rapoo V branding and LED lighting to give users a flashy gaming experience. 

There's also a protruding microphone attached to the left earpad. Is this microphone adjustable? The answer is yes. This earpad also houses the volume wheel which gives easy access for users to crank the volume up or down.

Rapoo VH160 Gaming Headphones Quick Review

The headset is quite big but it's not that heavy. In fact, it is made of lightweight yet durable materials. The cable is thick and durable; it can resist multiple twists and pulling force. The overall build quality is something I recommend for a gaming headset in this segment.

Performance and Sound Quality

The headset is compatible in any Windows device with USB audio interface. In terms of sound quality, the Virtual 7.1 Channel gives a decent sound stage. Its surround sound is good enough for you to take advantage of the gameplay, especially if you're into shooting games like Call of Duty, VALORANT or PUBG. It has a balanced sound stage. Its mids are quite profound as well as the highs. However, it may need a kick on the bass. 

The headset also features ENC single microphone de-noising function which allows you to have clear and stable calls. And since the earpads cover your entire ear, the device offers a passive noise cancellation.

It would also be a great improvement if the headset has a software companion, wherein we can customize sound presets and equalizers. This would appeal to a broader audience or even audio professionals.

Rapoo VH160 Gaming Headphones Review

The Wrap

The Rapoo VH160 is an affordable gaming headset with gives you virtual surround sound experience. This is a rare gem in this price range. 

I can recommend this to those who are trying to level up their gaming advantage but are very keen on spending huge cash for premium gaming headsets. This is a great offering which I think most people would like to try. It is only priced at PHP 1,195, and you can get it in Rapoo V's official Shopee and Lazada store or in Silicon Valley.

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