VST ECS Tech Summit 2021 Day 3 tackles AI, Data Processing, and Analytics for Business

VST ECS Tech Summit 2021 is lauded with the 7-day event bringing in tech heavyweights from the Philippines and all over the globe. It featured a diverse collection of companies, channel partners, vendors, and over 50 speakers from the tech industry.

MSI VST Tech Summit 2021: Day 3

The summit, dubbed as "The Future Series", became a platform of more than 50 tracks or sessions. Local and regional speakers took the virtual stage with value-adding presentations centered on how companies can be digitally-empowered. The topic ranged from Intelligent IP network, cloud technologies, cyber security, data analytics, business continuity, and pandemic-driven business response.

Day 3 of this 7-day event gave spotlight on reinventing businesses with the use of data, analytics, and artificial intelligence. It kicked off with a talk from IBM where Saresh Kumar, IBM executive and resource speaker, highlighted the use of Cloud Pak for Data. 

IBM's Cloud Pak

"AI is the greatest opportunity and challenge of our time. It is the defining transformation technology of this era. Industries worldwide are ready and eager to adopt an AI solution," he added.

He also gave spotlight on the fact that 40% of the total digital transformation initiatives in 2019 were using AI, and it will have a significant impact in 2021. Likewise, Mr. Kumar closed his session by mentioning that it is vital to any data-driven company to align its data center strategy with its own cloud strategy.

Empowering Digital SMEs

JR Barte from SAP gave insights on how to transform businesses into intelligent enterprises through SAP Business One version HANA. His talk gave insights to SMEs on how to put digitalization in the foundation of their businesses, from operations, resource management, inventory, to accounting and other facets of the business.

Informatica's Kent Macatangay succeeded the talk about Intelligent Data Management with the use of the cloud. He highlighted their CLAIRE system, and how it could unlock significant advances in data management using machine learning-based operations.

MSI VST Tech Summit 2021: Day 3

Data-driven Businesses

The afternoon's session commenced with Charles Ty from SAS where he shared insights on how to take advantage of Analytics to work for your business. He discussed the core principles of analytics - Flexible UX, Openness and Integration, Learning and Automation, Digital Guardianship, and Orchestration. He also described how areas of AI, cloud, IoT, computational advances and ecosystem are intertwined with data.

Hitachi's representative, Seng Joo Lim, described the importance of having the right data in the right place and at the right time. He further pointed out that data is a powerful tool for businesses, when used on the right manner could give astounding solutions in operational analytics, predictive maintenance, cost optimization, and more.

Artificial Intelligence as Essential Infrastructure

NetApp's Richard Biggs showcased how their solutions helped their customers build their data fabric in order to accelerate digital transformation. He added that with proper resources, companies should invest in a secure, powerful, and intelligent storage foundation for AI. 

MSI VST Tech Summit 2021: Day 3

Sundar Subramani from Automation Anywhere concluded the Day 3 of the summit with his talk on Building a Resilient Workforce for a Dynamic World. 

"Digital transformation without automation is hallucination," he stressed. With this, he showcased how their platform could do exceptional automated invoice processing. He also explained the core industries that needs digital work force.

Day 3 is filled with lots of takeaways in terms of data processing, automation, and Artificial Intelligence applications. VST ECS once again delivered a tech summit that gave tabs on the current technological climate with a slew of essential presentations from reputable speakers in the tech industry. See you next year!

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