vivo X60 with world-class ZEISS optics allows you to create stunning photos

The partnership of vivo and world-renowned ZEISS optics elevates the mobile photography in a new level. We already know that the days of people bringing point-and-shoot cameras or DSLRs just to capture the best memories are over. Today, with cutting-edge technology being integrated into smartphones, everyone can snap a perfectly-lit and ‘Gram-worthy" photo with just a tap on their phones. Enter vivo X60 — a smartphone that can take professional-quality photos and more, thanks to the powerful technology of leading optics expert, ZEISS.

vivo X60 with world-class ZEISS optics allows you to create stunning photos
The vivo X60 in Shimmer Blue. Experience next-level smartphone photography as vivo co-engineers their flagship phone with optics expert ZEISS. 

The vivo X60 series with ZEISS optics

The vivo X60 series with ZEISS optics redefines mobile phone photography experience through enhanced photography functions as well as improved imaging effects through excellent aberration control, better image quality, and other exciting features.

So whether they are shooting a landscape, a selfie, or even a video, they can do so creatively and with ease through excellent visual control.

Sharp to focus

It's also a given idea that users look for a smartphone camera with the ability to shoot crystal-clear portraits even in low-light. The vivo X60 series answers that with the HDR Super Night Portrait. It lets image subjects be in sharp focus against a softly blurred background. With this, users can add an artistic touch to their night portraits and close-up shots.

vivo x60 HDR Super Night Portrait
The night just keeps getting better. Photographer Xander Angeles captures a vividly-lit portrait of Rhian Ramos in a dark setting, using vivo x60’s HDR Super Night Portrait.

Amazing Night Photography

There’s something dramatic about dimly-lit scenes that make night photography a fascinating experience for photographers and enthusiasts alike. The vivo X60 series brings in the Extreme Night Vision 2.0. This gives the benefit of a massive f/1.79 aperture and a high-precision noise reduction algorithm, so people can put out striking night images even when it’s dark.


Capture every move

vivo X60 5G’s Pro Sports Mode: Capture Every Move
Bringing the art of light to life. An ultra-wide portrait of Rhian Ramos shot by Kharren Granada using vivo X60 5G’s Pro Sports Mode.

Because some (quick) moments are just too good to miss, the motion detection in the vivo X60 series allows users to take impeccable shots, even in a snap. They can have photos in focus even when shooting live-action sports, or when capturing the precious moments of their kids.

Capture precious moments with vivo X60 5G’s Pro Sports Mode
Seize the most precious moments of childhood with vivo X60’s Kids Snapshot Feature that can follow  their every move.

Seamless Stability

Say goodbye to shaky videos and shout hello to smooth and motion-stabilized ones. The enhanced pivoted support in the vivo X60 series recognizes X/Y/Z axis rotations, while counteracting unwanted hand movements. Given this feature, people can shoot high-quality videos with guaranteed smooth and steady flow.

With vivo and ZEISS co-engineering the vivo X60 series, users can bank that they can only create high-quality photos like no other. They can be confident that the technology behind it works together to give them a seamless and elevated mobile phone photography experience.

The X60 is now available for purchase at PHP 34,999, in all vivo stores nationwide and via vivo’s official Lazada and Shopee stores. For more details, visit

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