HUAWEI Vision S Series now in PH: Experience the Future of TV

The Huawei Vision S Series is now available in the Philippines, and comes in two screen size variants, 55-inch and 65-inch TV. 

Experience Future of TV: The HUAWEI Vision S Series now in PH

Huawei Vision S Series Pre-order with Freebies

You can now pre-order these units for the price of 32,999 and 49,999 (cash/straight), respectively. Of course, they also come with freebies!

For every pre-order of the 55-inch model, you will get a FREE Smart Box that houses your favorite apps like Netflix, YouTube, Google Services, etc. The TV bundle also includes 1 wireless microphone worth  6,998. For those looking for a wider and bigger screen, the 65-inch TV model will be bundled with a FREE Smart Box and 2 wireless microphones worth 9,997.

Experience the Future of TV and get all these freebies exclusive for pre-order from May 7- 21 only. Aside from these exclusive freebies, every purchase of the Huawei Vision S Series is also nominated for FREE home delivery up until May 31. 

You can purchase your very own Future TV through Huawei Concept Stores and major Home Appliance Stores such as Abenson and AllHome nationwide. Interested consumers may also purchase the TV models online via Huawei Store, Lazada or Shopee.

Users are also up for a treat as you can experience ordering your very own unit through the HUAWEI Easy Buy Experience which offers extraordinary perks. This purchase experience allows users to reserve their very own unit online and head to any of Huawei Concept Stores to checkout their purchase. They can enjoy Huawei’s in-store exclusive installment plans and store deals while having easy access to other Huawei products. Learn more.

Huawei Vision S Series

The HUAWEI Vision S Series Smart TV now in PH

This device goes beyond your usual smart TV with its exclusive connectivity features which are a trademark of the HUAWEI brand. The Huawei Vision S Series is the first TV which comes equipped with a 13MP Magnetic Detachable Camera. This can be used to support TV calls with the 1080p MeeTime Video Call Feature. This is a great feature especially in the new normal where we need to foster connections with our loved ones from all over the globe. 

The magnetic camera of the Huawei Vision S can also be used as your very own Home Camera. You can shoot wide angle selfies to capture every member of your family which also gives you the chance to show off your living space. Huawei knows how much consumers value their privacy and security, thus as an added perk, the magnetic camera is detachable and is at consumer’s perusal at their own time and pace.

Best Entertainment from the Safety of your Home

HUAWEI Vision S Series: Best Entertainment from the Safety of your Home

The Huawei Vision S Series is coupled with superb audiovisuals with Stunning Picture and is powered by Huawei Histen with 4W Speakers. This will turn fun movie nights with family or your gaming ventures even more enjoyable with the Huawei Vision S’ Stunning Picture Quality. It comes with a 120Hz refresh rate so everything looks smoother and crispier than before. 

The impressive picture quality partnered with Huawei Sound gives users that overall more immersive experience. Speaking of immersive viewing, the 1920 x 1080p screen is also TUV-Rheinland certified which provides eye-care for viewers. This means you can enjoy movie bonding with the family without a worry on their eye health. 

Massive Content to Enjoy and Choose from

The Huawei Vision S Series houses a massive library of content that will inspire you to stay at home. The device houses a variety of  increasing native apps such as WishFM, Basketball Slam, Cignal, and more. But if you can’t find what you’re looking for, the Huawei Vision S supports various different Smart Boxes such as Android Boxes or even Apple TV boxes. This allows you to enjoy different streaming sites such as Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, etc. 

Different applications can be easily accessible via the Huawei Vision S Series. This is done by installations through Huawei’s very own Petal Search Widget, external Smart Boxes, USB data imports or even through smart app sharing via Huawei Share. With all these applications at your finger’s reach, you are surely going to optimize the big screen that can take you from your home theatre to your Zoom meetings.

Intelligent Command at Your Service

Aside from entertainment and connectivity, the Huawei Vision S has the ultimate intelligent and smart features packed for consumers. They are packed within Huawei's new Harmony OS as a treat for Huawei Fans.

The Huawei Vision S has built-in AI Voice Command - ‘Hey Celia!’ which enables the AI Speaker mode of your device. It intelligently recognizes your voice to do wide variety of tasks such as hands-free voice navigation. You can command your device to automatically adjust its settings such as brightness and volume. You can also request it to have you play your favorite shows so you’re never missing out on anything. 

Aside from commands, you can also use the Huawei Vision S as the central sound system of your home. Moreover, you can have the screen dimmed for relaxed moments when you just want to chill at the safety of your home.

Start Living Seamlessly at the Heart of your Home

The Huawei Vision S also features Multi-Device Collaboration. It is capable with other Huawei NFC-compatible devices, most especially smartphones. The One-Hop Projection allows smartphones to quickly project audio and visual content to its large screen with just a tap on the remote. For consumers, this is a new realm of convenience with message-free viewing that protects your privacy and mirror-control using your smartphone for an added convenience. 

HUAWEI Vision S Series Gaming Features

Sharing good news for gamers - the Huawei Vision S offers a Distribution Gaming feature that turns your phone into a Gamepad. Fortunately, the distributed technology in HarmonyOS that is built into the HUAWEI Vision S devices makes it easier to play mobile games on an expansive display. By just installing and running games directly on your HUAWEI Vision S and establishing a connection with your phone, you'll be able to use your phone as a handy and nimble gamepad for certain games, notably sports games like Basketball Slam.


The Huawei Vision S is also capable of Huawei Share, which produces fast transfer of files from your Huawei smartphone, tablet, and laptop with just one tap. Now it is easy to work and learn from the big screen. Aside from these, the Huawei Vision S also has a built-in Karaoke which can make nights even more enjoyable with the whole family. 

Huawei partnered with Konsulta MD which is an online medical consultation app. This allows consumers accessibility to medical care and queries right from the comfort of their home and through the wide and crisp screen of the Huawei Vision S Series. 

The Huawei Vision S Series is also available for non-Huawei smartphones as well. Users just need to use an Android phone running on Android 8.0 or later. They need to download the Huawei Vision Home App to get a glimpse of all these cool and new smart features. Likewise, the Huawei Vision S Series can support iPhone users through third-party apps. This makes features such as projection and screen-share also available on iOS. 

This is a living proof that the Huawei Vision S is a central mark in the ever-growing Huawei Ecosystem and 1+8+N strategy. It gives every user the ultimate convenience and comfort to use and involves different Huawei devices. They can work perfectly in-sync together to provide the best and most Seamless AI Life to date.

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