Senate OKs fresh franchise for DITO Telecommunity for another 25 years

Senate OKs new DITO franchise

DITO Telecommunity gets a nod on its franchise renewal for another 25 years from Senate of the Philippines. The franchise was approved on the third and final reading cementing DITO Telecommunity as the country's third telecommunications player. HB No. 7332 collected 17 affirmative votes, two negative votes, and one abstention. 

In 2018, DITO Telecommunity was named as the country's third telco player using the franchise from the Mindanao Islamic Telephone Co. that was granted in 1998, and is set to expire in 2023. If signed into law, HB No. 7332 would allow DITO to operate for 25 years after the franchise's expiration.

DITO Telecommunity has made its commercial launch earlier this month in the country's Southern regions of Visayas and Mindanao. It passed its first-year commitment in NTC's technical audit with minimum broadband speed of 507.5 Mbps for 5G services and 85.9 Mbps for 4G service. The telco also started rolling out free products and services for medical frontliners in the said regions.

DITO Telecommunity is also set to launch in the country's biggest island, Luzon, in the "coming weeks."

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