Sharp celebrates 108 anniversary, intros new lines of innovative products

Sharp 108th Anniversary, Sharp Products

Sharp Corporation, one of the world's popular innovative brands, celebrated its 108th anniversary. In over 100 years, the brand spearheads in offering innovative and breakthrough products that caters to the changing demands of its customers. This year, in line with the company's mission in bringing convenience, protection and lifestyle evolution, Sharp offers a new generation of innovative products for every households.

Sharp celebrates 108th year in the industry

Sharp is now streamlining its 8K+5G and AIoT technology with the its firm mission of upholding sustainable growth for the next 100 years. In its "Stay Home, Stay Sharp" campaign, the company pivoting its products into the new normal. To cater to our present situation, its trademark technology, the Plasmacluster Ion, is incorporated into its air purifiers, refrigerators and air conditioners. This technology promotes cleaner and safer air.

“This time, families spend more time in their homes as the pandemic spread. We started with healthy food preparation and made it more convenient. We made sure to provide a clean and comfortable home environment,” Sharp Philippines President, Mr. Kazuo Kito said in his speech.

Sharp 108th Anniversary, Sharp Products

Stay Home, Stay Sharp Campaign

In its online Stay Home, Stay Sharp campaign, Sharp intros several product lines in its diversified portfolio. This includes the Dynabook Lap Top Computers, Android LCD TV, Side-by-Side Inverter Refrigerator, 4 Door Refrigerator, Cyclone Technology Vacuum Cleaners, and the Healsio Line Up.

Sharp Products: DynaBook Laptop

Dynabook Laptop Computers

Sharp intros its laptop line with the Dynabook Sattelite Pro L40 laptop to help employees and students in their specific activities. This versatile laptop is perfect for personal and everyday use.  Boasting with its dual storage support and fast and powerful performance. It is equipped with the 10th Generation of Intel Core i3, i5, and i7 processors.
Sharp Products LCD Smart TV

Android LCD TV

Sharp has a good Android TV for every Filipino homes. Their Android TVs, 4T-C50BK1X, 4T-C60BK1X, and 4T-C60CK1X come with built-in Netflix app. These offer high-standard viewing experience with the brand's Ultra HD AQUOS 4K Technology.
Sharp Refrigerator 2020


Nowadays, people make fewer trips to the grocery to avoid getting sick. Hence a large food compartment and safe storage are essential. Sharp’s newest 16cu.ft. 4 Door Refrigerator (SJ-FLG16AVP-BK) features the Plasmacluster Ion Technology. It does not only provide large storage space but will also keep the food fresher and safer for a longer time. On the other hand, 20cu.ft Side-by-Side Refrigerator (SJ-BL20AVP-SL) provides huge storage both for the freezer and fresh food compartments, it makes organizing food easier. Both models are equipped with Inverter Technology that reduces energy consumption.
Sharp Healsio Over, Blender

Healsio Line Up

The Healsio lineup provides a healthy and easy way of cooking food. Hotcook (KN-H24FA), a multi-purpose electric cooker, uses a steam circulation system, which cooks food by using its own moisture that retains more nutrients and natural flavor.

Making healthy juices is easy with Sharp’s Vacuum Blender. The EM-VB2F-RD removes 80% of the air inside the jug before blending. This vacuuming process prevents oxidation, retains nutrients such as vitamins and dietary fiber, and keeps the juice original flavor without changes over time.

The Healsio Oven (AX-1700F-R) uses superheated steam to cook food instead of conventional heat. This superheated steam, which is 8-times hotter than the normal hot air, melts unwanted fats and oil and reduces salt content in food but keeps moisture to preserve nutrients.

Sharp Vacuum with Cyclone Technology
Cyclone Technology Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaner has become quite common in homes, offices, and even cars as they make the cleaning job easier and efficient. In this new normal, it is essential to maintain cleanliness on high bars; and Sharp knows how to exceed expectations. Cyclone Technology Vacuum (EC-EB18P-R) boasts a dynamic and high powered suction that effectively separates collected dust and allergen particles from the air. Compared to ordinary vacuum, this product can collect small particles (10 micrometers in diameter) and ensures trapped dust and allergens are not released back into the atmosphere.

Sharp continues to serve its customers with products that will make their lives comfortable, safe, and efficient for another century.
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