Grab the Zeus x Fujisan A-350 Desk Speaker System with 56% OFF in Shopee 8.8 Sale

The Zeus x Fujisan A-350 Desk Speaker offers a great value to those who are looking for a capable speaker with Subwoofer. This feature-packed speaker is initially priced at Php 1,999 but it you can only get it at Php 849 this Shopee 8.8 Sale - that's a jaw-dropping 56% off from the original price!

Zeus x Fujisan A-350 Desk Speaker

The Zeus x Fujisan A-350 is a bluetooth speaker system. This means that it has a wireless connectivity function to keep your desk dangle-free. On top of that, the sound system has two treble satellite boxes with 2.5-inch tweeter that gives you pure and bright sound. This boxes are made up of pure fiber mesh materials. These are also shockproof and dust-proof.

There's a 4-inch Subwoofer in the main box which registers powerful bass. All in all, this speaker sound system gives off crisp and high quality sound performance. It employs 360 sound field and comes with 2.1 channel output. On top of that, the speaker system is also capable of noise reduction.

The subwoofer has a 15-watt output, and the two satellite boxes come with 5-watt output power each. This makes a total of 25-watt output for the whole speaker system. This product is compatible with your PCs, TVs, laptops and even mobile devices.

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Zeus x FUJISAN  A-350 Speaker Sound System

Desk Speaker with Subwoofer
Power: 25Watts/Peak 60Watts
Bluetooth Function
Noise reduction feature
PEAK 60Watts RMS power
3.5mm or RCA inputs
"2.1 Bluetooth Speaker Sound System
60 Watts of Bold Sound
Strong Bass
Wired Connection
Simple Controls
Noise reduction"
Size: 248 x 174 x 336
Price Php 1,999
Promo Price: Php 849
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