Globe at Home intros new Postpaid Promo Plans suited for the "New Normal"

Globe at Home New Normal Postpaid Plan

Globe at Home intros new promo plans as the country shifts to the "new normal". This would cater to the need of students, professionals and families at home since this is the time when the demand for a bigger volume of data is in high bars.

New Normal Globe at Home Postpaid Plans

Plan 1899

The new Plan 1899 gives customers up to 30 Mbps with unlimited data. If you're into streaming videos at home, this plan is for you. The plan is bundled with three months of free access to Amazon Prime Video, iWant and a free Android TV Box. This TV Box transforms your standard TV set into a Smart TV.

Plan 2899

If you're setting up a home office, the Plan 2899 will complement your productivity at home. This plan comes with up to 100 Mbps speed and unlimited data. It is also bundled by two TP Link Deco M5 WiFi Mesh devices. This devices expands your WiFi reach at home so you'll get the best possible signal in every corners of your house.

The Plan 2899 is suited for big families with parents working from home, and kids doing homeschooling. Moreover, they get exclusive access to the VIP Tech Squad hotline, a specialized customer service team that provides end-to-end support for WiFi connectivity and installation of devices such as the TP-Link WiFi mesh system that enables enhanced online security for all users in the family.

Plan 1299, Plan 1699 and Plan 9499: The plan that fits your Budget

Plan 1299 is Globe at Home's starter pack. You'll get speeds up to 10 Mbps and 500GB of data allocation per month. You'll also have the option have an unlimited data at Plan 1699. The Plan 6499 is the premier offering with speeds up to 1Gbps.

New and existing customers can apply or upgrade plans using the Globe at Home app. All of these plans come with three months of free access to iWant and Amazon Prime Video, and a free landline unit with unlimited calls to Globe and TM subscribers for 24 months.
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