SmartBro LTE Home WiFi Video Review (Evoluzn FX ID3), Unboxing, Set-up

Smart announces the SmartBro Evoluzn Prepaid LTE Home WiFi in the market. The device is basically a plug-and-surf modem which utilizes 4G LTE network to shoot internet connectivity at home. We had an ample testing of the device and we are pleased to share to you our video review.

SmartBro Evoluzn LTE Home WiFi (FX ID3) Video Review,

SmartBro Evoluzn LTE Home WiFi Video Review

Basically, the SmartBro Evoluzn LTE Prepaid Home WiFi is for those moderate internet users who wanted to avail Smart’s service but can’t seem to subscribe for a DSL or Fibr line due to location constraints. Since it’s wireless and uses 700 MHz LTE, the SmartBro Evoluzn LTE Home WiFi will be the best solution.

It is expected that indoor signal reception is better than its other LTE-powered devices. For prepaid subscribers, Smart is asking a one-time fee of Php 1,995. In turn, you'll have the device with 10GB of free data allocation valid for 7 days. Likewise, the LTE Home WiFi is 2x Faster than a Smart Bro Pocket WiFi. You can also connect up to 10 devices.

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