Supremo 4K Action Camera Review

Supremo has made a solid name in the action camera department with the introduction of the Supremo 1. The device comes in very handy for those looking for affordable Go Pro alternative. However, the action does not stop there, the company drops another plausible leader in the budget action camera market – the Supremo 4K.

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Basing on its moniker, this device’s marquee feature is the capability to shoot 4K videos which is a great leapfrog from the last Supremo 1. In a quick lookout, the Supremo 4K action camera seems to be a promising device. It has a good sturdy design, intuitive user interface and a wide range of compatibility. And did I mention that it only has Php 6,500 asking price? Let’s see what’s more we can get from the action camera in this review.

For us to get through, let’s start by jutting down the guns of the Supremo 4K Action Camera:

Supremo 4K Action Camera Review

Supremo 4K Action Camera Specs Review

Key Specifications:

  • 16MP Sony IMX Sensor (20MPx Interpolated)
  • 170 degrees, 7G A+ Fisheye Super Wide Angle Lens
  • 2.0" LCD Screen (960*240)
  • 4K at 24fps, 2.7K at 30fps, 1090p at 60fps Video Quality
  • 1000 mAh, 3.7V Lithium Battery
  • Waterproof Maximum at 30 meters
  • HDMI Mini (Type D) and USB 2.0 Ports
  • Red light compensation function in diving mode

Design and Physical Buttons

The actual unit itself looks more premium than the previously-released Supremo 1. It still got the rugged matte exterior; only that, the new one comes with a better grip and subtle groove design. It’s a small square box with a powerful protruding camera module. By the way, Supremo 4K features a 16MP Sony IMX sensor which is one of the most popular in the market. It can be interpolated up to 20MP. Other notable design trademarks are the flip covers which conceals the ports and the battery.

Supremo 4K Action Camera Review

The Supremo 4K Action Camera has three functional buttons – Power, Shoot and WiFi buttons. All of which have an integral part in dealing with the device’s user interface. Once turned on, the power button functions as mode selector wherein you can browse through series of camera modes like video recording, gallery, photo mode, video setting, etc. On the other hand, the Shoot button functions as selector button and you can use the WiFi button in browsing through the options.

In terms of video shooting, the Supremo 4K Action Camera is a worker. It shoots 4K videos at 24 fps. There are also tons of video shooting settings like 2140p at 60 fps, 1080p at 60 fps, 1080p at 30 fps, 720p at higher frame rates (120 fps), etc.

Supremo 4K Action Camera Review


The display is another advancement from the original Supremo 1. The device boasts a 2-inch display with 960 x 240 pixel resolution. Though it’s not a touchscreen panel, it functions very well with the physical buttons of the action camera. It also registers well when viewing stuff outdoors. The screen is very convenient in viewing items especially when the Supremo smartphone is not available.

Aside from the display, the Supremo 4K Action Camera also got a few more guns on its sleeve. For one, it comes with a 1000 mAh battery which could get you further compared to other action cameras. Plus, Supremo also include an extra battery out of the box. The only inconvenience I’m seeing is the lack of external charging support. This means that you can only charge the battery while it’s inside the Supremo 4K.

Supremo 4K Action Camera Review

What's in the box?

And speaking of “out-of-the-box inclusions,” The Supremo 4K Action Camera has a bucket-full of it. For one, I am delighted that it includes an extra battery. There's also a cool wrist remote wherein you can pair with your action cam.

Other accessories include replacement backdoor, frame, quick release buckle, 3-hook buckle, rotating swivel arm, 3-way pivot arm with thumb screws, lock bolt, flat mount, curve mount, clip mount, handle bar mount, tethers, straps and adhesives.

Supremo 4K Action Camera Review

The Supremo App

Supremo also developed a dedicated app for optimum usage of the action camera. The Supremo app is available both in iOS and Android which allows you to control the action camera remotely once it has been hooked via WiFi. The app is similar to the Go Pro app where you can select several shooting modes and view multimedia files in the gallery.

Supremo 4K Action Camera Review

Supremo 4K Action Camera Review 

This also means that you can shoot videos in different angles within the Supremo’s WiFi range. Plus, the app also allows seamless editing of photos/videos; you can download files directly to your device or share them in social media.

Camera Performance

So let’s go to the meat of the conversation, how good is the Supremo 4K Action Camera? For me it’s very good. It does everything expected to an action camera with ease. The camera outputs sharp videos with excellent contrast. Colors are very vibrant and warm. The camera also adjust to different exposures smoothly.

Recording 4K videos is as easy as recording HD videos. I am amazed to see sharper 4K video outputs with the action camera. I have also tried the Time-lapse mode using the camera and got a decent video. The Slo-Mo video function only hits 120 fps unlike smartphone cameras which could take you up to 240 fps. However, I am contented with the output of the 120 fps setting. It comes with great detail and sharpness.

Of course, you can capture stills with the Supremo Action cam at 16MP. Though I must admit that it’s not as gorgeous as the stills taken with a smartphone, the wide-angle effect is more than enough to make you use the photo capture function.

All videos are taken using a Class 10 Sony 4K microSDHC/microSDXC memory card which could read up to 90 MB/s. Here are the sample videos:

Supremo 4K Sample Video: 1080p FHD at 60fps

Supremo 4K Sample Video: Slow Motion 720p HD at 120fps

Supremo 4K Sample Video: 2K 1440p at 30fps

Supremo 4K Sample Video: 4K 2160p at 24fps

Should You Buy The Supremo 4K Action Camera?

If it’s your first time to own an action camera, the Supremo 4K would be a great choice since it could offer most of the features of a Go Pro action cam in a considerable price difference. Plus, Supremo is very generous to include an ecosystem of accessories out of the box, so it means that you don’t need to look for third party accessories to complete your shooting experience. Even if you’re an existing action camera user, getting a Supremo 4K for a back-up cam is always a great idea.

The camera’s performance is great – very intuitive interface, punchy videos and decent photos. Plus, it is also great when it comes to battery life due to the fact that the Supremo 4K include an extra pack.

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