Taobao Age.: A Taobao Agent Review

China is the world’s manufacturer. This instantly means that Chinese merchants could sell every product in a better deal. Chinese products are now getting great reviews in terms of quality and there has never been a better time to buy great stuff from China. Once I stumbled upon a great item online, I immediately looked for a reliable Taobao Agent for me to purchase these products.

Taobao Agent Review: TaobaoAge

Taobao Age: Taobao Agent Service

For starters, Taobao Agents offer their services to purchase on your behalf in these Chinese online merchants. In fact, they serve as middleman that offers you better payment scheme and helps you find the best shipping options. There are several players in this market but I am happy to transact with Taobao Age.

My Shopping List from China

I got a Huami Amazfit Pace smartwatch, Xiaomi Mi Band 2, Electronic Pore Cleaner and 3D Tempered Glass on my list. Since I am buying them in different online stores, I need the flexibility of a Taobao Agent to transact with them. I found the Huami Amazfit Pace and Xiaomi Mi Band 2 in Tmall. Basically, TMall is like a virtual mall in China wherein different brands have their own store listings – business to consumers. My other two items are from Aliexpress, which is also a B2C platform, and Taobao wherein consumers transact with fellow consumers. The latter comes with low safety net of consumer protection and poses vulnerability to Taobao scams, so having services of a Taobao Agent is really a no-brainer.

Taobao Agent Review: TaobaoAge

My Taobao Age. (Taobao Agent) Experience

Taobao Agent Review: TaobaoAge

Transacting with Taobao Age. is just a walk in the park. All I need to do is post my product links in their order page and add my specifications. Taobao Age. updates me in every status of my order. Plus, their very friendly and responsive English-speaking customer support is a breath of fresh air.

Once my orders are listed, Taobao Age. screens the sellers to help me avoid transacting with fraudulent ones. They make sure my orders are placed correctly in these online marketplaces. Before purchasing the order, Taobao Age. notified me with my first bill which includes the price of the products and 5% service fee. They offer several payment options like bank transfer, Western Union, MoneyGram, etc.

TaobaoAge Taobao Agent Review

Taobao Age: Taobao Agent Consolidation Service and Free Storage

Initially, my products was shipped in their warehouse in China. It’s also a great thing that they notify me once they receive my items. They consolidated and repacked my items to help me save in shipping cost. They even asked me if I want to add more purchases and ship them in a later time wherein I can use their 120-day free storage.

TaobaoAge Taobao Agent Review

My Items arrived from China

My box arrived on my doorstep (in the Philippines) in 3 days after it has been endorsed to the courier. I chose FedEx since I am familiar with the brand. But Taobao Age. also partners with several reliable couriers like DHL, SF Express, EMS, ePacket, etc. Thus, you won't have the scarcity of options for you to save in shipping cost.

Buying Agent From China to Philippines

Verdict: I want to shop again with Taobao Age.

For a first time buyer, I had a great shopping experience with Taobao Age. My items arrived safe and sound without any hassle. I never expected that shopping in China could be this fast, even faster than local online shopping websites here in my country. For sure, I would recommend it to those in the hunt of good deals and rare items that only Chinese merchants can offer.

Wherever you are, there's a better shopping deal in China for you. You just have to find the right Taobao Agent to help you.

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