Leef iBridge 3 Review

Being a constant iPhone upgrader, I tend to purchase the base variant with the smallest configuration. And in the case of my iPhone 5s, I decided to grab the 16GB base model. However, being an on-the-go blogger, I need a hefty room in my phone to create and store content. And the fact that I am heavily invested with apps in the iOS ecosystem, I need an ample space for me to work with. 

I was introduced to the Leef iBridge 3, and I was surprised that it makes me create more for just Php 2,800 for the 16GB variant.

Leef iBridge 3 Review

The Leef iBridge 3 is such an ingenious device, aside from the extra space that I’m getting, it also offers a handful of unique features which separate itself from other portable USB dongles. Join me as I check out this little puppy in my review of the Leef iBridge 3.

The Leef iBridge 3

Leef iBridge 3 Review Philippines

Design and Ports

The Leef iBridge 3 comes with a no non-sense design. It features a J-shaped body with the Lightning connector on the arched end and a USB 3.0 on the other end. It’s a breath of fresh air to see designs like this - well-thought and premium-looking. There's a metallic feel on the body of the iBridge 3 and a rubber fitting on the J-portion of the thumb drive.

Leef iBridge 3 Review

I love the build and the material used in making this device. It’s very compact and convenient to carry anywhere. The iBridge 3 also comes with a rubber cover to help protect the dongle from foreign objects or hook it in your car keys.

Performance and Features

The Leef iBridge 3 is very fast in terms of data transfer. It comes with a USB 3.1 technology which is certainly one of the fastest USB versions around. Thus, transferring photos, videos and documents from your iPhone or iPad is just a walk in the park. Likewise, what I love about this small piece of technology is that it automatically backs up your content and contacts so you can never lose them on the fly.

Leef iBridge 3 Review Philippines

And unlike any other dongle, the Leef iBridge 3 allows you to shoot photos and videos directly from the dongle itself. However, taking photos inside the Leef app is considerably slower than using your native iOS camera app. However, doing so means that you can work, capture and play continuously without worrying about file transfers. It is an external memory but conveniently functions like a native storage.

The great thing about this J-shaped drive is that it allows you to manage your stored files through an ingenious proprietary app. This let you create an external library of your media files without taking some precious space off your iPhones or iPads.

I also love the fact that it allows you to secure your files. The iBridge 3 prompts you to create a passcode or use your Touch ID with its LeefLock feature.

The Wrap

Leef is very cunning in spotting a market in portable dongles for iOS devices. I could say that the Leef iBridge 3 is a different animal compared to your regular thumb drives. It is specifically tailored to have seamless file transfer and storage to your iOS devices.

I love the design and its performance. I commend its features and the way it allows users to create and do stuff directly to the dongle’s drive. Leef iBridge 3 is definitely a great addition to your iOS ecosystem of accessories.
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