Silverstone Technology Brings State-of-the-Art Computer Accessories to Cebu

SilverStone Tech has great news. This year, they've decided to launch their products, the new ones, included, in Cebu City.

SilveStone Tech is an established leader of computer products such as enclosures/cases, power supplies, and accessories since 2003. Originally from Taiwan, the company focuses on giving inspiration (and satisfaction) to techies, gamers, computer enthusiasts, and even large companies worldwide. This time, they're taking their products to Cebu promising world-class, top quality products.

SilverStone Tech held a product launch/expo last April 23, 2016 at Ginza Japanese Restaurant, Banilad, Cebu City; presented by Fineupgrades, The expo showcased SilverStone's products which includes their newest versions of their long line HTPC cases, powerful yet power efficient computer cooling fans and coolers, and power supplies.

SilverStone products are not limited for heavy-gamers. As Cebu City harbors growing communication tech and information industries, there's an increasing demand for quality functional equipment.

BPO companies who operate 24/7 and even professionals who need heavy hardware and software requirements in order to continue running their businesses make SilverStone a top choice. SilverStone's power supplies are of top class and are reliable in harsh environments - Philippines' climate and energy-related problems to make things sound worse.

According to Marketing Manager Tony Ou, “We are very excited to expand our distribution in Cebu and introduce SilverStone’s latest products to the people of Cebu and the rest of the Philippines. For 2016, we are also going to release lifestyle products designed for mobile devices so I am very thankful that the company has achieved one of our goals with the help of our partners who believed in us and share our goal of providing the Filipino people with quality products”.

The company ensures that their innovative expertise is delivered to all products with consistency, in response to user’s needs, and with maximum user satisfaction. Experience a new level of computer technology at your fingertips!

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