CometChat Review: Best Cross Platform Chat Tool

Websites are undoubtedly one of the most essential platforms where people get relevant information and connect with each other. These also serve as a medium for publishers to inform, marketers to pitch leads and businesses to gain sales. Websites with high engagement have higher sales and hosts users for a lengthier amount of time.

CometChat Review: Best Cross Platform Chat Tool

CometChat Review

There have been several tools offered in the market to retain website users. A chat box is one of the most effective solutions offered in the market. CometChat is the market leader when it comes to this service. You can use it by simply installing it in your website. In turn, this allows users to chat, play games and do a wide range of activities on your website. Here’s a round-up of CometChat’s feature set and some important stuff you can do with its wide range of cross-platform products.

Features and Plugs-Ins

CometChat can host plugins to improve the user engagement in your site. More than just a plain chatroom, you can also load audio-video chat wherein you can include multiple users for a conference call. Likewise, there’s also a real-time web translation feature which preserves user interactions in different parts of the globe.

CometChat Review: Best Cross Platform Chat Tool

It also supports GTalk making it easy for existing users to integrate their account while using the product. The ScreenSharing plugin allows you to share your desktop for easier presentation. This is especially beneficial in conference calls and online meeting.

Likewise, you can also integrate your social media platforms with Social Networking plugin. This means that you can share your Facebook status and other social media updates in just one click.

CometChat Review: Best Cross Platform Chat Tool

Other noteworthy features include File Sharing, Voice Calling, Games, Announcements, Collaboration plugin, conversation management, posting custom advertisements and Guest Chat.

Web and Desktop Version

There are many things that you can do in the web version of the product. For one, using CometChat is just a walk in the park. It comes with a very intuitive interface and it lets first time users stay at ease while using the platform. Activities like finding a chatroom and joining it is very simple.

CometChat Review: Best Cross Platform Chat Tool

Notifications are very straight forward and very hard to miss. What I like about CometChat is the fluidity in sharing pictures, playing games and sharing Emojis. The basic stuff in chatroom are also well laid out. You can kick users, customize texts and colors, delete conversations and open multiple chatrooms.

>Audio and Video calls come with high quality. This is because of the peer-to-peer technology that is tailored in the CometChat plugin.

You can also download the desktop version of the app in both Windows and Apple’s Mac operating system. The CometChat Desktop Messenger works the same way as any other product in the market. The messenger is unobtrusive while working in the background. I like the way it notifies with an incoming message; it offers both visual and audio notifications. You can also white-label a CometChat messenger using your brand for just USD 199.

Chat on Mobile

When you’re not glued in your desktop, you are carrying that portable smartphone with you wherever you go. Good thing CometChat is also available for download in both iOS and Android. I tried using the mobile version of the app and everything is on-point. The app is snappy.

CometChat Review: Best Cross Platform Chat Tool

It also comes with a minimalist interface which I love to use. The graphics and color combination are well-presented in the app. Thus, you can continue every conversation you left in your desktop to your mobile. And the app is free!

Likewise, you also have the option to get a white-labelled mobile app wherein they can “coat” the CometChat platform with their brand or products. This popular feature can be bought separately at USD 399.

CometChat Mobile SDK

Speaking of the mobile platform, you can seamlessly integrate a CometChat Software Development Kit with your applications. Adding the SDK will activate a mobile chat API which adds a messaging function in your existing app.

CometChat Review: Best Cross Platform Chat Tool

You can get a CometChat SDK for Android and iOS. Likewise, it also has Cordova and Ionic chat plug-ins. If you’re a developer, the CometChat team makes it easy for you to tinker with their platform using the said SDK.


CometChat is offered in three package plans. The professional version comes with an asking price of USD 129. The Premium Plan costs USD 249 and the Platinum Plan is priced at USD 499. These packages come with a one-time cost with free updates for one year.

CometChat Review: Best Cross Platform Chat Tool


Other than the content, engagement is very vital to a website’s success. CometChat offers a tool to let your users interact, get entertained and be informed. It has the potential to transform your online platform to a community of users which is very beneficial to your brand. If you’re in the market for an efficient, zippy and seamless chat platform, look no further, CometChat will keep everyone buzzing in your website.

Get CometChat Here.

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