How to monitor your children or employees phone activities?

Several apps stores have been clouded with numerous tracking and privacy applications. These titles ranges from a simple password recording app into a profound device tracker. Of course, the industry accepts these ordeals since these apps offer a very intuitive monitoring for several concerns especially when it comes to safety. And when we say safety we mean the wellness of your family and loved ones, the effectiveness of your workers in the office and the prompt information that we can have when we are using a cellphone monitoring software.

So if you're a busy parent wanting to keep an eye on your child or if you’re a travelling employer who wanted to know the progress of your project, monitoring and tracking app is for you.


Ideally, the Cellphone Sleuth app is one of the best app trackers around. It has the best features that you can use on the phone’s background. The app simply allows you to track several information on your computer. And the best thing about this is that you’ll have a real time view in all these data.

With the app, you’ll have access to calls, location information, messages and browsing history. With these functions you’ll have the optimal parental care in your child’s phone. Likewise, you will also be capable of photo and video tracking, record conversations, app blocking and phonebook access if you’re tracking your spouse’s welfare.


The best token that CellPhone Sleuth could give you is security. And since it is a paid app, it runs without the hassle of advertisement - that means that the app doesn’t get users personal information for ad catering.
They have several plans for you to choose from depending on your needs – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Business. The company also offers phone data back and locate your phone once stolen using GPS.

Get the Cellphone Sleuth here

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