Fly Balloon, Fly! App Review: Another catchy endless-flying title

Most mobile games bank on their simplicity to grab a good legion of followers. Apps like Flappy Bird, Cut the Rope and 2048 are some of the titles that have been on the top of the charts due to their simple yet appealing gameplay. Now, Fly Balloon, Fly! joins the flock with its addictive format.


The app is heavily inspired by the Flappy Bird wherein you have to keep your character afloat so that you won’t get pierced by columns of swords. Like the Bird-flying game, Fly Balloon Fly could get to your nerves most of the time which makes it interesting among any other never-ending running or flapping game in the Play Store. However, after a timely exposure in the game, you’ll get a good grip at it. You’ll also have the chance to level-up depending on how you avoid these swords.

Plus, background images of the game is quite interesting, you’ll find yourself in the middle of the desert up until the outer space. I am expecting to see some more power-ups which, I guess, I’m about to see in future updates. Download the app free in the Play Store here.

User Interface

The app is so minimalist. Wondering inside it is just a walk in the park. This PopSoda Digital-developed title boasts some nifty retro-like graphics which I find it engaging for kids and kids-at-heart. Background tunes are also easy on the ears.

The Wrap

The App is such a good companion after you had a busy day and you want to relax your way to your homes. It’s pretty engaging and sometimes you’ll find yourself addicted to it.

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