How to get LINE international call credits and a chance to win Samsung Galaxy S5

Japan and Korea's biggest social network and instant messaging app “LINE” is letting us enjoy free calls to any mobile and landlines in the world. You only need to send LINE messages to instantly get 100 FREE call credits for the day and up to 300 call credits for the entire promo duration - that's equivalent to 30 minutes worth of LINE premium call.

Aside from the free calls, you will also receive cool sticker packs and a chance to win Samsung Galaxy S5! There will be 15 units of Samsung Galaxy S5 and 150 LINE USBs that will be given away. 

Your line messages will automatically give you entries for the raffle. All entries will be electronically raffled and will only be valid until the end of the day. That’s why you will have to keep on using the app until the promo ends for greater chances of winning Samsung’s Flagship smartphone. Lucky winners will be informed individually by LINE and will be announced via the official LINE Philippines Facebook page

This special promo is offered to all existing and new LINE users in the Philippines that uses Android (LINE ver. 4.1 and above) and iOS (LINE ver. 4.2 and above). Promo runs until July 1, 2014.

To avail of the promo, here’s how:
Step1: Download/Update LINE to the latest version OR click here: (mobile only)

Step2: Register Mobile Number on LINE OR click here: (mobile only)

Step3: Start sending LINE messages now! The more messages you send, the higher your chances of winning!

For more information click here.

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