PHP Classified releases new BPage template launches a new template called the BPage. Aside from the existing range of templates, this newcomer features management of classified advertisement in jobs section, buy and sell, housing, and other classified ads, as well as discussion forums. With BPage, Php-Classifieds still maintains its name as the world’s most advanced PHP Classified script service provider.

You can post an ad in those sections mentioned to give your post a jumpstart. Likewise, searching items like cars or housing could also be administered. You can also localize your search and limit it to a certain city or area. The same set of features will still be available with no recurring fees.


Best reason to jump into PHP-classifieds is that there is no need of registering an email when you want to publish your post and advertisements. Once you join in, you’ll experience the best UI customization that is integrated with the best classified system. Categories and sub-categories will also be unlimited with a wide range of covered locations. Using of image in ads or posts includes best editing functions like resizing and filtering.

The User interface is very simple and minimalist; they have a great CMS feature wherein you can navigate your page with ease. You don’t have to be proficient with coding techniques like HTML, Java, etc. Script installation is automated.

Their front end user feature is very search engine-friendly. It could bolster your posts or ads to gain maximum profit. And speaking of profit, the site has an automated gateway to Paypal wherein you can easily collect or disburse your site’s financial aspects. Likewise, with the BPage, the administration account still offers the same set of features with improved site language selection and best classified page tools that you can use.

Check out their website and discover what else you can do to successfully manage your web portal and boosts your desire profits.
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