Globe Telecoms gunning for an upgraded IT System

Globe Telecoms heats up latest IT System for next month's roll-out. The Philippine wireless provider gears up its new and improved system to compliment the current advanced and modernized network. This upgrade will better manage customer relationships across several product offerings that they offers. That includes both postpaid and prepaid services.

“Our modernized IT system will provide a new level of personalized customer experience that our subscribers have been looking for. Customer care will be a highlight because the new system allows us to listen and respond better to our customers’ needs. It will also give our frontliners more quality time with the customers because of its user-friendly system interface,” stressed Henry Aguda, Chief Information Officer of Globe Telecom.
Moreover, this brand new system will greatly improve customer experience in offering seamless handling of transactions across major platforms like Stores, Hotline, Online Self Service and Social Media.
Aguda says that transitioning Globe customers to the new system will be done carefully in phases. “During the transition period, the availability of our mobile services is paramount. Our customers will be able to call, text, or do mobile browsing, and any impact will be minimal. We will handhold our subscribers as we transition to the new system. We are taking great care that our customers are properly informed of the changes so they will not experience any unnecessary inconvenience as we move to the new system.”
Globe has sent out customer letters and advisories on the schedule of the first phase of migration. More public announcements will also be made near the actual transition dates.
Likewise,  this modernized IT system that would match the complexity of their transactions and sophisticated needs, Globe Postpaid, Platinum subscribers, and Tattoo Postpaid (mobile broadband) subscribers will be among the first to move to the new system and enjoy its benefits.

[Via: Globe]

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