Apple releases iOS 6.1: Enables LTE service in over 30 countries, tweaks on Siri, iTunes and Passbook

Apple, today, released the heavily anticipated update for their mobile operating system. The iOS 6.1 is now ready for download - that's the best thing of being an Apple user. Unlike its arch rival OS (Android) which slowly rolls out update in different regions, when Apple releases an update you can opt to grab the software instantaneously.

But if you're expecting some fireworks and other new flashy stuff in this update, you might get disappointed. The iOS 6.1 is merely a tweak in the "flawed" previous OS version. These updates include LTE support for more carriers all over the world including our own Globe and Smart. So expect that these Telcos would offer their current iPhone 5 plans with LTE services. Existing iPhone 5 holders may get a "transitional" plan if ever they would want to avail the said LTE services, it depends on what their carrier is laying out.

Other notable improvements are the new set-up wizard that will confirm your Apple account for FaceTime and iMessage and Siri's "Voice Dial Only" switch that will restrict all her tasks to calling contacts only. You can now download content in iTunes through cellular data and there is now a new sample card in Passbook. No mention about the their Maps, but they could not afford to have it this early, i guess.

Apple has not been generous with the iOS 6.1 release and it seems like they are keeping all their cards for the purported iOS 7 that is expected this year. However, a few tweaks as it is, the update is always welcome for us fruit lovers, dont you think?
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