Android 4.1.2 for Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S rolls out now, Steps on how to force your Android device to receive OTA updates

Last Week when the latest Nexus device (Nexus 7) extract the latest Android 4.1.2 update in the air, it promised the same treat for other Nexus brothers. If you haven’t been in the “rolled out” loop yet, you may want to consider that, unlike Apple wherein updates are made available to everyone for download and install, Android updates are slowly launched across different parts of the world – that means users have to wait for weeks to receive the update.

Good news is that the update is now rolling out for the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S. The new update promises the usual bug fixes to Project Butter. Notifications are now expandable and can be opened using one finger.
You may want to check your updates by hitting Setting > About > System Update. Most of the users may not get positive result upon hitting the system update, however there is another way to pluck that update over the air, check it out after the jump.

First of all it is a no-brainer that this will only work if there is an existing OTA update rolling out for your device, so don’t expect your Galaxy Y to receive Android 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean) update when you do this steps.

1.       Try hitting Setting > About > System Update, if not successful try next step.
2.       Navigate through Settings > App and enable the option which lets you see all apps.
3.       Scroll down alphabetical list to Google Services Framework and open it.
4.       Hit Clear Data and then Force Stop.

Most Android users have used this method once and get positive results, while others have to do it multiple times before the update prompts in their screens. It is safe to say that this will only increase your chances of having the update in an earlier time. 

Try hitting the comment stream if you have done the craft! Ciao!

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