Apple refreshes iPod Nano, now with bigger 2.5-inch screen

If you have an active lifestyle (and with iPhone or iPodTouch not in your gadgets of consideration), you should be delighted with the gorgeous and “renanofied” iPod Nano.

The Nano received a fresh new look from Apple with much wider screen (2.5 inch) compared to the previous iPod Nano generations, it’s even capable of multi-touch. It is 38% thinner (5.4mm) than the previous watch-like Nano. The revamped design has the volume rocker on the left and surprisingly, the a Home button just like any other iDevices – pressing the button takes you to the homescreen where apps are listed. 

New Nano has FM radio that lets you pause radio stream and resume later on. Plus, it also supports video playback. You can now connect wireless headsets via Bluetooth and it even comes with new Lightning connector dock for faster data transfer.

iPod Nano will be available this October for $149.
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