Jelly Bean Update for Samsung Galaxy S III and Galaxy S II lauds for confirmation

No one can question the “buttery” performance of Google’s latest Android release, the Jelly Bean. There have been rounds of software update including the Nexus S and reports of newer devices getting this OS is such a breath of fresh air. However, it is quite generous in Samsung’s part to include the latest Android’s iteration for the older device such as the Galaxy S II.

This one-year old device is certainly the bestseller among all of the Android devices and its two-month old brother, Galaxy S III, has sold 10 million units already. According to Sammobile, tests have been done for an Android 4.1.1 update on both Galaxy S II and its equally popular successor – Galaxy S III. And there is somewhat a bigger chance for the older device to qualify for Jelly Bean in the next couple of months.

It’s a good idea though how Samsung considered supporting older devices with newer software given that fact that newer updates costs resource-demanding features. The Korean giant could’ve had excuse of the Galaxy S III being equally popular with its predecessor for not including the Galaxy S II in the Jelly Bean update, but it did anyway!
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