Sony Xperia active rolls out Ice Cream Sandwich update

Sony Xperia Active users should be ringing the bells now! Their most-loved handset had just recently received its Ice Cream Sandwich update as announced by Sony on its blog.

This update goes by batches and will be available in your countries in due time because of the minor differences of the handsets (depending on which country they are purchased). But it is rest assured that the update is rolling out in some parts of the world already. Your phone will receive notifications once it is available or you can opt to manually check the update for download. The Sony PC companion will do the job for you.

But if you’re itching to know if you’ll be receiving the update now, just check your Sale Item (SI) here. Xperia mini pro has also received its ICS recently. Same rules apply, hit us with your comments once you have your precious ICS! Cheers!
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