Sony finally rolls out ICS update to Sony Xperia S

 Sony seeds the long awaited Ice Cream Sandwich to its 2012 flagship, the Sony Xperia S, today! This is a heck of a celebration to all Xperia S users that have the handset in luke-warm corners since its release last February.

But aside from the Google’s ICS interface, Sony added new enhancements that we believe to be Xperia’s trademark features like the Walkman which offers best of signature Sony audio-technology. It also gives deep Facebook Integration which allows you a visual way to interact with contents (like accessing album, artist images and information). Likewise a streak in the “Album” application brings easier ways to sort and browse high quality photos and videos and the “Movies” application allows you to have a streamline in viewing HQ audios and videos.

This update is available over the air (mobile networks or WiFi). Or you could manually connect to your desktop with their web-based Xperia update, PC companion or Bridge for Mac.

Remember that this update is done by batches, depending on your phone’s build. If you want to check when your ICS update schedule, try it here. Hit us with your comments on how ICS is treating your Xperia S.

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