Microsoft officially unveils Window Phone 8, rejects WP 7 and 7.5 compatibility

Microsoft has established a more stable mobile platform by unveiling the new Windows Phone 8. Apart from the recent press launch of its Surface tablets this week, WP8 is yet another feather on Microsoft’s cap with a flaring “shared core” accents.

Shared Windows Core

Shared Windows Core is a WP8 capability that allows it to share kernel, drivers, security, graphics and many more in the same Windows 8 (desktop)  platform. It also means that it can port working compatibility to other platforms (Android, iOS etc). WP8 brings support for multi-cores, it would even support up to 64-cores. Higher resolutions will also be supported in the likes of WVGA 720p (1280 x 720) and WXGA (1280 x 768).

Removable Memory and Internet Explorer 10

Windows Phone 8 will have a full SD support, one of the sought-after feature in smartphones. Alongside with its memory capability, WP8 will be infused with Internet Explorer 10 as its native browser. One good thing is that all sites that can be accessed in a desktop browser could also be pulled-up in phones too; browser’s security features will also be full blast in mobile IE10.

NFC Support and Nokia Maps

Latest mobile payment technology, NFC, will also be supported in WP8 and was dubbed as the most complete wallet experience. This allows all third party apps to use its information. The Tap-Send button will allow you to transfer file between two WP8 devices. On the other hand, it will use Nokia Mapping Services that allows you to use map data even if you're offline. Likewise, all third party apps can use Nokia Maps’ data.

Bumped Home Screen and Multitasking

The next version will feature live tile sizes in the start screen with customable sizes. Tiles functionality changes with tile sizes and there will be more colors to choose from.

Speech Platform

Microsoft’s Speech Platform will be a potential competition to Apple’s Siri. The main reason is that this system-wide platform is available to all developers making this platform accessible to their apps. In simple terms, Microsoft wants you to converse in any possible app there is.

The first bearer of WP8 will be Nokia, Samsung, HTC and Huawei. And I hate to say it but Windows Phone 7 (Mango) devices will not be compatible with WP8 platform, however Microsoft will be releasing a WP 7.8 update. The scheduled release of Windows Phone 8 will be this fall (September).
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