Britney Spears, first user to hit 1M in Google + (Plus)

Google + might have a lot of catching up to do, a major feat has been tallied in this social networking site history. Pop Princess Britney Spears seemed to prove that she’s still in the game as she step in the “30’s Club” lately and earning the distinction of being the first Google Plus user to have one million followers.
After Google + has been in the Beta stage, it has frenzied to get a number of users. However, the social networking site has been losing steam as these users lose activity and site engagement. The fact that it took a while for a popular artist to reach a million could show the lack of user activity. However, it just took a month for the pop icon to reach the million mark after joining the social networking site after surpassing Larry Page’s 700 000 followers.

Google + could never surpass Facebook at this pace. The site could mutate in a service which would be similar to Twitter or other micro-blogging sites to cater a different role in the internet. But it’s not yet the end of the line for Google +. Being the flagship of in social network, it would definitely be on the top of priority list for developments. And maybe, it needs more big names like Britney to grab the attention that it needs in the cyber community.
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