Apple starts rolling out the iPod Bangle

It’s not new that we could wear the iPod Nano as a wrist watch nowadays but having a bangle-type iPod is way fashionable than what we have now. A group of engineers in the Apple Cupertino headquarters in is the move of developing a curved-glass iPod which could be Siri voice controlled. This program is in line with Apples’ advocacy of industry-wide push of wearable gadgets.
This iGadget was sited to be the iPod-bangle. However, it’s a little fuzzy on what technology will Apple use in this device. The recent iPhone 4S’ Bluetooth 4.0 might be on the top of the list.
Bluetooth 4.0 is also called as the Bluetooth Smart and Ready which is the main technology behind your speedometers and other iGadgets’ accessories connection to your main gadget (example, your iPhone). The likes of ANT+ and Nike+ might also be a similar technology. So how would you like to wear your iPod?

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