Smart offers Always ON to All-In Plan subscribers

After the release of its new logo, Smart-All-Insubscribers can now enjoy the telco’s volume-based internet package --- the Smart Always On. The promo, which has been available to prepaid and Smartbro subscribers only, is now infused in the said postpaid plan. The price range is from Php 20 for 25MB for one day, all the way up to Php 995 for 2GB consumption for 30 days. Check the price list below.

To register, just key-in ON <space> AMOUNT and send to 7577 (example ON <space> 20). I’m pretty sure that most of you are asking what would be the typical internet activity consumption. Check this monthly consumption list provided by Smart reps.

Email: 10MB
Game Downloads: 100MB
Chat: 5MB
Social Networking : 20MB
Video Streaming: 100MB

                The list is the actual approximation of the regular phone activity. The consumption may vary depending on how you will use your phone.
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