Samsung Galaxy Note coming to Smart at Plan 2000

It was a breath of fresh air to see the newly released Samsung Galaxy Note is the local stalls lately, but I was even more delighted to hear that Smart Communications will be offering the device for Plan 2000 in a limited time. Afterwhich, it’ll go higher with Plan 3000. Galaxy Note specs here.
No official announcement has been made yet, but we have to expect that Smart will drop the buzz next week. Apparently, they had confirmed that they will infuse SmartNet in these exclusive devices which we think doesn’t make sense because the Plan is already in unlimited status. Unless, they would just offer the Galaxy Note in a plain postpaid consumable plan --- no All-Ins or UnliData for that matter.
Galaxy Note has a hybrid identity in the pack of the Samsung Galaxy devices. It is a 5.3-incher tab-like and phone-like device (speaking of its hardware); the same reason that this device has been tagged to have an identity crisis. But before we get too excited, I think that we’ll have to wait for the announcement next week to find out.
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