iPhone 4S battery life is choking, here's how to conserve it

iPhone 4S might not be in the Philippines yet but, the whole world just can’t get enough of best Apple gadget so far. This causes those iPhone aficionados to use their device most of the time (if not all the time). However, a considerable amount of users have been complaining of its poor battery life compared to the previous versions of the phone. This caused a buzz in the Cupertino headquarters that the makers of iPhone have been burning their midnight oil to dig into the issue. 

Anyways, being a frenzied fan of the device; you can always do something about it in your own geeky way. So we have scribbled down some of the basic steps to prolong your battery’s life.
1.       Screen Brightness prolongs usability

It’s the basic know-how that in order to prolong a graphic-monitored device, you need to lower down its brightness. This is where you initiative serves you, right? So hit up Setting>Brightness to adjust to the desired level. Ofcourse, the lower the brightness, the more time your iPhone serves you.

2.       WiFi over Cellular and 3G Signal
iPhone 4S consumes more battery life when hooking up with 3G and Cellular signal. Likewise, it is not cool to use services that require 3G and Cellular signal for you battery pack. You can, however, use your home’s WiFi network or any other WiFi network. This could help preserving your data consumption as well as your battery.

3.       GPS Factor

iPhone 4S is a hell of a crazy GPS suck-up. It is advisable that you limit your GPS-apps like GPS location and Tagging. The kind of location tagging that Facebook, Twitter and Instagram uses are not exceptions because your phone continuously gather your position to locate you. You might as well like to keep your GPS off if it’s not needed.

4.       “Fetch” and “Push Off”

These stuff may sound interesting but hey, they are partners in crime in choking out the life of your battery. When iPhone “Fetch” is turned on, it will basically push new messages and tons of apps alerts. To turn it off, Settings>Mail, Contacts and Calendars>Fetch New Data>Manually. To turn off “Push” notifications, Settings>Notification>Off.

5.       Idle Apps

Lastly, if an app is not that essential in a certain kind of situation, it should be turned off. And always be reminded that apps need to be shut down after it has been used, idle app can cause battery-draining as well. To shut down app, double tap on the home button to access app drawer; hold unto the app until the “X” mark appears, then click it to shut down.

This stuff could mean a lot if you like drain every drop of your phones battery. It has been tested that phones that have been charged after it has been completely drained out lasts longer than those being charged in no particular time order.

Photo Courtesy of Breaking the Silence
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