Taal Volcano to have a Hollywood-ish makeover

Have you experienced traveling to Tagaytay and get a peak of the Taal Volcano? If not, well atleast this might give you the reason to spend some time over the place.

Taal Volcano is in the rocks of having a “Hollywood-like” fashion as proposed by their governor for all seasons, Vilma Santos Recto. This would erect the word “Batangas” as a sign of owning the magnificent volcano and would serve as a landmark for tourists along the Tagaytay area.

According to Vice Governor Mark Leviste II, the provincial council had approved the said proposal last October 5, tagging the project as the “hard-to-miss landmark and potential tourism draw” for the province.

The signage would measure 14 meters tall and 11 meters wide, engaging the same font that has been used for the Hollywood landmark.

Tagaytay City Mayor, Abraham Tolentino, is not frenzied about the project saying that it’s a bad idea afterall.

“Why put up a Batangas sign? It won’t help. People, while sipping a cup of coffee, will just say that the view is more beautiful from Tagaytay without that sign,” he said giving a potential roadblock to project.

So, how about you travel geeks, would you want to have your localized version of Hollywood landmark?

Source: Starmometer
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