PMG rounds up IceCream Sandwich's top Features

Google flew all the way to Hong Kong last October 18 to drop a massive bomb that will affect the whole world…codename Ice Cream Sandwich. And when I say bomb, I meant a whole lot of new features for the Android 4.0.

The OS is set to be an open operating system to all Android lovers this November with the launch of its first ever recipient, the Galaxy Nexus. Google claims that this is the best OS yet, because it has been revamped and refined. Perhaps, Ice Cream Sandwich is the refined version of Honeycomb that is now ready to be infused in a smartphone. Even more important, ICS is an open source release, which means that any hardware manufacturer can crack it and use it in their system. The OS itself had a wide range of cool features, top six are as follows:

Face Detection/ Unlock
Who says that fingerprint detection is the best so far? With face unlock, you can say goodbye to passcodes and load of stuff that could bug your memory. All you need to do is put your phone in front of your face so that ICS could scan your face and unlock your phone.

NFC Application or the Android Beam
Yes, Near-Field Communication takes a big leap with Android 4.0, it will allow you to share content and information (maps, web pages, contacts, etc) with other Android device in close distances.

ICS widgets are not just your ordinary widgets because this one has the angst to be flexible! You can organize your homescreen the way you want it to look like. An App drawer is a personalized space where your app can be stored after stocking the up and down. You can also scale Android stock widgets.

Voice Typing
We know that SIRI is in the spotlight right now, but this feature looks like a close relative to the former. By hooking up a mic in your device, you can actually; speak your emails, text, messages and search queries (or any other means that enter text in your device).

Camera Modes
This is the best part! Your camera can now be in panoramic modes. You can match this up with zero-lag shutter on the Galaxy Nexus and you’ll have the best landscape camera experience.

Meet the new typeface (font) that offer a TRONic feel. This one put the Droid Sans limelight in the grave.

                ICS maybe available November but SDK has been opened to android developers to produce tons of app. All that we are looking up to now is the set of phones that could acquire this OS aside from the Galaxy Nexus. Want more? Check out the promotional video below.

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