iPhone 4S voice assistant SIRI might not function well in the Philippines

Filipino Apple fans are extremely frenzied about the launching of the iPhone 4S here in the Philippines. We know, a few weeks back that the newest version of the iPhone would make a difference due to the fact that it has this SIRI (voice activated phone assistant) as the its killer feature.

And to tell you the truth, our anticipation about its arrival here in the country is in high bars; not until the some folks over Yugatech say that SIRI might be a disappointment here in the Philippines. The reason of which is that SIRI might be having issue with our local network providers. See screencaps courtesy of Yugatech:

This looks like SIRI will not be that popular here in the Philippines. So if SIRI might be the reason that you’re buying an iPhone 4S, you might as well save your grands for some other phones. Looks like this killer feature is really an anticipation-killer afterall. 

Source: Yugatech
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