SMART adds "All-Day" surfing to LAHATXT promos

In the light when the Filipinos tend to cling on mobile internet access, major mobile service providers in the country are infusing its services with free mobile surfing. And the competition between the country’s providers becomes tougher as both giants introduce the “text to all networks” service.
Smart strengthens its LAHATXT UNLI deals by adding consumable internet browsing in each of the promo’s denominations. As a response to Globe’s SUPERUNLITXTALL25 which is loaded with an hour of free internet; Smart introduces the better LAHATXT25.
This service is now packed with 10-minute Smart-to-Smart (TnT and RED Mobile included) and 25MB consumable “All-Day” internet browsing. The unlimited text to all networks is still in the catch, ofcourse. This 25MB consumable surfing is a good deal for PHP 25 because this is worth hundreds of status update in Facebook, tweets in twitter, instant messaging and emails. You can even download songs. The promo has also other denominations.
Unli texts to all networks
20 Smart-Smart/TNT/red call minutes
50MB mobile internet valid for 2 days
Text LTU50 to 2266

Unli texts to all networks
40 Smart-Smart/TNT/red call minutes
100MB mobile internet valid for 4 days
Text LTU100 to 2266

Unli texts to all networks
60 Smart-Smart/TNT/red call minutes
175MB mobile internet valid for 7 days
Text LTU150 to 2266

Unli texts to all networks
120 Smart-Smart/TNT/red call minutes
375MB mobile internet valid for 15 days
Text LTU299 to 2266

To avail of any LAHATXT Unli package, just text LTU<package of choice> to 2266. For example, to register for Lahatxt Unli25, text LTU25 to 2266.
Once registered, Smart prepaid subscribers can text their friends to all networks and surf the web on internet-capable handsets. To use the free calling minutes, just dial *2266 plus the 11-digit Smart/Talk ‘N Text/Red Mobile number, e.g., *226609181234567.
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