PMG exploits reasons for buying and ignoring iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S is just eight days short upon its arrival in the market. And we think that we have weighed all the rumors, facts and the dogma upon its release. But, just to break the ice while you wait for the new iPhone; we give you the reasons for buying or ignoring the iPhone 4S.

Reasons why we think you should get iPhone 4S

Siri Voice Control
This new software turns iPhone 4S into a voice recognizing personal assistant. You can now text handsfree using this assistant which is amazing, even blind people can now text.

Faster Processor
                Yes, the custom A5 chip is the same processor that you find in iPad 2, this simply means that the latest iPhone will be faster in speed, downloads and games.

More Compatible Carriers
                This handset has been tagged as the “world phone” because it can be used in many cellular bands like CDMA and GSM.

Better Camera
                This is not just about the 8MP camera, its about the added editing features like cropping, rotate, red eye reduction, enhancement. It also has a backside illumination sensor and larger aperture for better lowlight and white balance correction. Features also include face detection, image stabilization and capture 1080p HD video.

Wireless Sync
                This is the best feature that the iOS 5 could offer, the iCloud. This feature will be compatible with iPad and iPod touch. Bottomline, you will soon be able to set-up devices and get updates without connecting your iDevice to PC or Mac.

Fingerprint Killer
                Yup, this device doesn’t have the ability to harvest fingerprint due to its oleophobic coating on its glass exterior. It resists fingerprints by repelling oil in your fingers.

Reasons why we think you ought to ignore iPhone 4S

4G Fail
                If you have waited long enough for a 4G iPhone then you may want to wait longer.

NFC Fail
                Mobile payments on iPhone will have to be out for a while because Apple has excluded this feature, the Near Field Communications. We think this is not a deal breaker since the completion only manages to have NFC on Nexus Prime.

Myth Buster for Leaked Features
                All those rumors we’ve seen like the cases, the China Clone, the wider screen, andthe sleeker design. All of these may have been preserved for the real iPhone 5.

                It’s available for $199 for a 2-year contract. However, many think that the $99 iPhone phone with the same contract would be a wise choice. You should also consider 3GS, because it’s free.

So what do you think? Are you buying iPhone 4S?

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