iOS 5 Top Features round up

As the iOS 5 hits the downloadstage as of yesterday, there have been more than 200 new features for your iDevices. And we have picked the best features that we could count with our hands…and well, our toes.


1.       Notification Center

I know that Android users are not new to this feature. It sends all the push notifications into one central location of your device. Atleast, Apple had managed to break pop-ups that distract our concentration. This App includes mini-widgets which show live information from other apps. New notifications will be shown as an animation in the top of the screen which can be swiped down for more details.

2.       iMessage

This is the new messaging system of the Apple devices. This new feature might potentially disable MMS and SMS profit-based companies because all iOS 5 users could now send free SMS and MMS for free via WIFI or 3G. This also offers automated syncing and group messaging in all your iDevices. In other words, this allows you to leave conversations in your iPhone and continue it in your iPad.

3.       New Camera App and Photos

Amazingly, you can now access you camera app even if your device is locked. The volume button can now be used the shutter button (+) which makes it a very-welcome addition to the line-up. Quick-enhance is always open to fix picture problems “automagically”, it also includes cropping, red-eye reduction, etc.

4.       Twitter Integration

Yes, you got it right. Twitter is now integrated system-wide within iOS 5. Camera apps can now post direct pictures to Twitter, Youtube, Safari and Maps; and Twitter address field can now be added in your contacts.

5.       Newsstand

You can now organize Magazine and Newspaper Apps in one place with this feature. This seems like the feature that could give you a comfy-experience while sipping your cup of coffee.

6.       Reminders App

This may sound as a usual App, but iOS 5 Reminder feature syncs between iOS 5 devices and a Mac OS X computer. This is also location based, in other words, this App will alert you when you reach a specific location. Example of which is that it will alert you to pick-up the laundry when you reached home.

7.       New Mail App

The mail App now has Rich Text Formatting, Identation Control, Draggable Email Address, Message Flagging and Swipe to Inbox.

8.       The Cloud Syncing

OS update makes plugging your device into a computer a negligible step (actually there’s no need in plugging) in syncing up downloads and apps. So it’s “goodbye itunes” and PC! All of which is courtesy of iCloud.

Other features include the Game Central, Cards, Dictionary and Sync Everywhere. Now that the iOS has been in its 5th life, we could tell that was polished very well as the new Apple baby. We could always tell that this is due to the great innovators that Apple has been hiding for years. And all that we want is to discover what would be the next upgrade’s offer.

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