Android scores 56 percent of sold smartphone devices

Google’s Android platform widens lead from the Apple’s iOS after it jumps from 43% to 56% in the last three months of smartphone buyers’ survey. This Survey from Nielsen is about public acquisition of smartphone devices in the last three months, unto which operating system of do buyers prefer. 

Apple manages to remain at a respectable place, coming in at 28 percent, while RIM devices (BlackBerry) drops from 18 % to a single digit of 9%. Other Smartphone players (Symbian, Windows Phone 7, Baba, MeeGo, etc), which was comprised of 11 % of the whole public, dip to 6% of the whole buying public.  
The survey was responded by 25 500 smartphone buyers in the last three months. Apart from the choice of platform, it is also a considerable fact that smartphone sales are climbing. This accounts 58% of all handsets sold in August.               

Source: Nielsen
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