Epson Philippines' mentorship workshop provides student leaders with career insights and future-ready skills

Global technology leader Epson pushes to empower students leaders in a mentorship workshop called "Creating Future Leaders". As part of Epson’s aspiration to foster sustainable communities, this initiative sought to empower young individuals with knowledge that can contribute to the formation of responsible, visionary, and empathetic leaders of tomorrow.

Epson Philippines' mentorship workshop provides student leaders with career insights and future-ready skills
Epson Philippines’ President and Director, Masako Kusama, and the company’s management receive a certificate of appreciation from the faculty staff of Gregorio Perfecto High School.

The workshop took place at Gregorio Perfecto High School, a public high school in Manila, and was attended by over 170 student leaders from various clubs within the school.

The Empowering Workshop, one of the highlights of the event, brought an exciting dynamic to the day. During the session, Epson leaders stepped into the role of mentors, ready to share their wisdom and professional insights.

Each leader hosted a question-and-answer discussion, creating a hub of learning for specific fields such as Accountancy, Marketing, Leadership, Sales, and Customer Service. This set-up created an engaging, interactive environment where students could freely delve into their areas of interest and get answers to their burning questions about leadership and career development. The workshop was not just about imparting knowledge, but also about sparking curiosity and fostering meaningful conversations between the leaders of today and tomorrow.

Epson Philippines' CSR for student leaders
Masako Kusama, President and Director of Epson Philippines, join the other members of the company’s leaders to answer the questions of student leaders on career development and leadership.

"The workshop was a unique platform for students to interact directly with Epson’s management and gain valuable insights into various career paths," said Masako Kusama, President and Director of Epson Philippines. "Our diverse team was thrilled to share their experiences and knowledge with these enthusiastic young minds."

As part of the program, Epson also donated two printers to the teaching staff of the school and provided kits containing school supplies, snacks, and hygiene items for the students.


The “Creating Future Leaders” project effectively showcased how Epson—by fostering the development of future leaders—is creating connections between people, things, and information.

“Epson believes that by nurturing future leaders, we are taking a significant step towards achieving our sustainability goals,” concluded Kusama.

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