POCO Roars into 2024 with New Devices for Gen Z Trendsetters

POCO, a popular technology brand among the young generation of tech enthusiasts, is kicking off 2024 with the launch of two updated X-series mobile devices and its latest M-series model to empower Gen Z to maximize their gaming, streaming and social media experiences.

POCO Roars into 2024 with New Devices for Gen Z Trendsetters
POCO X6 Pro 5G, POCO X6 5G, POCO M6 Pro

Each of these upgrades represents a major revamp that pushes the limits of the midrange smartphone market to deliver flagship-level technology, aesthetics and performance at affordable price points.

The new POCO X6 Pro 5G and POCO X6 5G update the fan-favorite X-series with the very latest processors and technologies. They deliver an enhanced display for smooth and immersive visuals and a triple-camera setup for professional-level content creation. The exciting POCO M6 Pro is popularizing top-tier features and experiences, especially for social media aficionados with a premium display, massive storage and turbocharging, all with unbeatable price performance.

“After a stellar 2023 in which POCO celebrated our fifth anniversary and met fans and partners at our first-ever POCO Carnival held in Thailand, we are once again shaking up the smartphone market. Providing users with everything they need and nothing they don’t, we are making it possible for POCO fans to level up to premium performance and features fine-tuned for the ultimate in full-frame gaming action, movie watching, and social media content creation,” said Angus Ng, Head of Product Marketing at POCO Global. “These are the flagship-level technologies that our users have told us will help them maximize their digital experiences in 2024 and beyond.”

POCO X6 Pro 5G: Flagship-level performance and experience for a new ‘SPEED-CIES’ for the user, with no compromises

Designed to deliver excellent experiences without compromising performance, the new POCO X6 Pro 5G unleashes flagship chipset, memory, and storage together with big battery power to meet the next-generation needs of a new species of hardcore gamer – a ‘SPEED-CIES’ that comes with faster loading, smooth-as-silk operation and instant reactions that keep up with the blistering speed of their gameplay.

Offering the most extreme gaming performance ever for an X-series smartphone, POCO X6 Pro 5G features the new Dimensity 8300-Ultra chipset that sets a new speed record for a POCO device with an AnTuTu benchmark of 1,464,228. This premium processor delivers faster, smoother performance and improved power efficiency to fully immerse users in their favorite power-hungry games for longer.

“As we debut the MediaTek Dimensity 8300-Ultra on the POCO X6 Pro 5G, consumers will have the opportunity to enjoy a full range of premier experiences and accessibility features like generative AI capabilities and flagship-grade memory,” said Dr. Yenchi Lee, Deputy General Manager of MediaTek’s Wireless Communications Business Unit. “We have been working closely with POCO to optimize our chipset to provide adaptive gaming technology, fast connectivity, and low-power savings to unlock the possibilities of premium smartphone experiences for a new generation of users.”

To match this speed, the POCO X6 Pro 5G offers up to 12GB of memory and up to 512GB of storage for smooth use and serious multitasking, allowing users to seamlessly shift between taking photos, editing video, and sharing social media content. The device also comes with the upgraded WildBoost Optimization 2.0 for wickedly fast and fluid gaming experiences.

Both of the new POCO X6 Series devices also boast an astonishing 6.67" CrystalRes Flow AMOLED screen that delivers smooth life-like action in games or video and vivid colors even under bright sunlight. With ultra-slim bezels, the X6 Pro’s high screen-to-body ratio of 94% ensures a full-screen experience and a sleek, modern aesthetic.

Professional-looking images are a must for today’s digital natives. It is equipped with a 64MP triple camera setup and new features, including OIS (optical image stabilization) to help users capture crystal clear photos during motion. It goes further to add Motion capture and Motion tracking camera functionality that automatically identifies and tracks the person, animal, or object that is the focus of the video. This delivers great results for vloggers capturing the breathtaking action of a skateboarding run, dance battle, or wildlife scene.

POCO X6 5G: New levels of power and performance that redefine the midrange category

Smashing expectations of the mid-range smartphone, POCO X6 5G brings the power and performance that Gen Z users need to make the most of every day. The new device packs a punch thanks to its next-generation Snapdragon® 7s Gen 2 Mobile Platform, enhanced memory and storage, and powerful battery. Users can enjoy smooth and speedy experiences whether they are taking photos, watching high-resolution videos, or gaming through the day and night.

Deepu John, Senior Director Product Management, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. said: “Sporting the Snapdragon® 7s Gen 2, the POCO features 4nm technology for fast and robust performance with great power efficiency. This remarkable device benefits from a strong performance boost compared to the previous generation and boasts Snapdragon Elite Gaming™ features for incredible gaming experiences.

Snapdragon® 7s Gen 2 is also packed with AI capabilities such as image noise reduction, deep learning face detection for better facial recognition, AI-based echo cancellation and noise suppression that leverages the Qualcomm® AI Engine to make consumer experiences even more seamless and efficient.”

Upgraded display and camera capabilities round out the POCO X6 5G offering. Like the POCO X6 Pro 5G, it delights users who prioritize screen real estate, as well as content creators who post stunning high-resolution photos and videos to social media. Crucially, the new device’s 64MP main camera introduces flagship-quality OIS while an additional 8MP ultra-wide lens and 2MP micro camera let the photographer explore different genres, from expansive landscapes and group photos to detailed close-ups of the smallest insects or a new perspective on an everyday object.

Users can further unleash their creativity with an expanded portfolio of filters and frames, including new retro and scenery filters, that help them create different looks for social posts that are memorable in all the right ways.

Despite weighing in at just 181 grams, the device is powered by a large 5100mAh (typ) battery that supports 67W turbo charging. This allows the device to power up to full capacity in 44 minutes so users are ready for uninterrupted music and video playback, high-speed gaming action and social media sharing without the wait.

POCO M6 Pro: Unlimit your play with premium immersive entertainment experiences at a midrange price

With power and performance rarely seen in the midrange smartphone in its price bracket and a top-tier display that is sure to impress, the POCO M6 Pro lets young users dive into the action with on-the-go entertainment and social media browsing.

The first-in-series 120Hz Flow AMOLED display with ultra-thin bezels offers full-screen, top-quality viewing that is more immersive and easy on the eyes. Users will enjoy smoother scrolling, more fluid animations and a better experience during fast-paced games and video watching. The display also boasts 16x super-resolution touch – a highly accurate touchscreen that is significantly smoother and steadier than a standard screen, allowing greater speed and precision for next-level gameplay.

POCO’s latest flagship-level offering is perfect for social posts as well, with an upgraded 64MP triple camera and inbuilt OIS and EIS (optical and electronic image stabilization) to help users take and share stunning photos and videos. OIS is rare in a midrange phone, reducing camera shake and blur for professional results.

This makes it possible to capture a clear image or smooth video when there is only one chance to nail the scene, even with less-than-steady hands – perfect for securing an epic shot of a basketball game. But what if you sit a bit far back from the ball court? That’s no problem with the 2x in-sensor zoom, which allows users to capture sharper and more detailed images from afar.

The POCO M6 Pro has been further updated with the young generation in mind. Featured here in its global debut, the powerful Helio G99-Ultra chipset is considered the one of most powerful chipsets on the market at its price segment. It is designed for entertainment and delivers powerful performance at smooth frame rates.

Along with a great chipset, for the first time in M-series, the POCO M6 Pro comes with great memory and storage, up to 12GB RAM and 512GB ROM. Charging is faster than ever too, with first-in-series 67W turbo charging for powering up the phone in a rush before heading out to work or study or for a night on the town.

Product Availability

POCO X6 Pro 5G will come in three colors: Black, Yellow, and Grey. It will also be available in two variants: 8GB+256GB and 12GB+512GB. Both variants are exclusively available on Lazada.

  • 8GB+256GB: Recommended retail price at Php 16,999.
  • 12GB+512GB: Recommended retail price at Php 19,999.

POCO X6 Pro 5G will be available for purchase at an early bird price of Php 15,240 and Php 18,240 respectively from January 11 via Lazada.

POCO X6 will come in three colors: Black, White, and Blue. It will also be available in three variants: 8GB+256GB, 12GB+256GB, and 12GB+ 512GB. All variants are only available via Shopee.

  • 8GB+256GB: Recommended retail price at Php 14,999.
  • 12GB+256GB: Recommended retail price at Php 15,999.
  • 12GB+512GB: Recommended retail price at Php 17,999.

POCO X6 will be available for purchase at an early bird price of Php 13,190, Php 14,190, and Php 15,190 respectively from January 11 via Shopee.

POCO M6 Pro will come in three colors: Black, Blue, and Purple. It will also be available in two variants: 8GB+256GB and 12GB+512GB. Both variants are available on Shopee, Lazada, and TikTok Shop.

  • 8GB+256GB: Recommended retail price at Php 11,999.
  • 12GB+512GB: Recommended retail price at Php 13,999.

POCO M6 Pro will be available for purchase at an early bird price of Php 10,590 and Php 12,590 respectively from January 11 via leading e-commerce platforms.

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