ELFBAR launches BC10000 in the Philippines

Global vaping technology pioneer ELFBAR recently conducted a product launch event in Manila and unveiled BC10000 in the Philippines.

ELFBAR launches BC10000 in the Philippines
ELFBAR representatives at the Power the Revolution launch event. (L-R: Jacques Li, Director of Global Communications; Leo Zheng, Assistant General Manager of the APAC; Sebastian Gao, Country Manager of the Philippines, Patrick Delos Santos, Channel Manager of the Philippines)

ELFBAR BC10000, an unprecedented product with up to 10,000 puffs, stays true to its inheritance of BC series' classic design with fresh colors, in an enhancement of users' palates to deliver lasting enjoyment.

Equipped with QUAQ MESH solution, BC10000 ushers in stability and reliability, ensuring a consistency in the pleasure of each hit till the last puff and satisfying a plethora of users' demands. These goals are at the center of everything ELFBAR is committed to achieving — the best possible vaping experience.

BC10000 is available on Shopee and vape stores across the Philippines in November.

Taste stepped up

ELFBAR BC10000 truly upgrades the taste by multiple levels from various perspectives, with plenty of flavors available.

To satisfy diverse flavor preferences, the product offers well-tuned sweetness levels by adjusting its hints in dynamic but perfect proportions. This leaves lingering aftertastes by presenting a multilayered flavor fulfillment in just one puff.

Leading technologies guarantee a pleasant taste

With the Dry Hit Prevention feature as a deep moat, BC10000 prevents burnt and unpleasant tastes due to insufficient e-liquid or immediate post-charging puffs. With smart status and power cutoff, it raises the e-liquid-to-power ratio on to a new level, striking a balance in this sheer vaping pleasure.

Furthermore, shaped in a Bionic Honeycomb Structure, the latest coil technology QUAQ MESH activates a strong burst of flavors in adult users' mouths almost instantly within 0.1 second, and brings optimal flavor reproduction from atomization, promising an above-expectation performance.

With the help of QUAQ MESH that excels in heating efficiency and consistency, BC10000 guarantees an ever more evenly-distributed heat and finer atomization process, offering thick and smooth vapor in an immersive experience.

Refined design with wide flavor selections

Viewed from various angles, BC10000 illuminates in the grip and combines multilayer textures and displays reflective effects, adding a sense of movement to its design. Moreover, a radiant loop of light envelops the nozzle during each hit.

BC10000 introduces a readiness of 12 flavors under 2 editions, each with its respective design style and a series of flavors.

Additionally, along with an upgraded surface design, the product is equipped with a real-time power and e-liquid display, reflecting battery and e-liquid level readings.

For more information about ELFBAR as a brand and its products, visit elfbar.com.

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