Razer Cobra Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

The Razer Cobra Pro is dubbed to be a fusion of Viper and Basilisk lines of gaming mice. Positioned as a middle ground between two series, the Cobra Pro is an ambidextrous mouse featuring a number of physical buttons, new 30K Pro sensor, RGB profiles, and more.

Razer Cobra Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

While Razer boasts a diverse array of wireless gaming mice, the identity of the Cobra Pro remained somewhat unclear to me during my testing of the device. However, after a month of consistent usage, I believe I have figured out what sets it apart. Let's discuss my insights in this review.


  • Pro-level sensor
  • Ambidextrous
  • Programmable RGB Profiles
  • Great software support


  • Quite heavy for a "Pro" mouse
  • Body has uneven weight distribution

Design and Aesthetics

The Razer Cobra Pro features a sleek design that's defined by a combination of matte and glossy finish all throughout the device. This is not only to enhance its aesthetics but also to give a comfortable grip and good ergonomics. Before we dig deeper into the design, let's see what we have inside the Razer Cobra Pro box.

Aside from the mouse, the usual inserts are also present like the USB-A to USB-C braided cable, some documentations, wireless receiver, and the USB dongle. Likewise, it's always fun to see premium Razer stickers, in which we have a set inside the box.

Razer Cobra Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

Going back, the mouse's design is closely similar to the Viper series only that it's treated with RGB light tricks. The use of RGB in the logo, scroll wheel, and "underglow" makes the mouse even more gaming-worthy. But to capitalize on the battery life, I kept the RGB lights in static mode with minimum brightness.

Razer Cobra Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

The texture of the Cobra Pro is a bit flatter; due to this, you'll see that it gathers fingerprints if you take a closer look on its surface. Below the RGB-enabled scroll wheel are two DPI shifting buttons. Flipping the device, you'll see a dedicated Profile switching button, a toggle for power and connection modes (Bluetooth and 2.4GHz), and the optical sensor.

Razer Cobra Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

There's also a circular section underneath. When popped open will reveal the charging dock pins. This would be compatible to the separately-sold Razer Mouse Dock.

Razer Cobra Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

There's also a cavity provisioned for the Bluetooth receiver; just in case you wanted to store it inside the mouse. On the other hand, the sides feature the rubberized side grips.

Razer Cobra Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

I noticed that the mouse has an uneven weight distribution because most sensors and components are crammed on the back side; this makes the device back-heavy. On that note, the mouse tips at almost 77 grams which is quite heavy considering the previous releases.


The Razer Cobra Pro comes with a maximum 1000Hz Hyperpolling Rate. You can actually boost this to 4000Hz using the Hyperpolling Wireless Dongle that comes out of the box. It also features the latest 3rd Generation optical switches and the 30K Focus Pro sensor.

Razer Cobra Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

This mouse is going for a whopping 30,000 DPI sensor, elevating it to an instant Pro-level mouse. With this feature, the mouse allows you to adjust the liftoff distance to one of 26 granular levels. It's definitely a big improvement on the capability of other Razer mice. Moreover, this sensor enables smooth gameplay on various surfaces.

Razer Cobra Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

In my time using this mouse, I could say that it's excellent with in-game tracking motion; in fact, it's even more accurate and smoother than other competing mice with 26K sensor.

Razer Cobra Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

The physical buttons are very responsive, and I had no issues with how fast they pick up my inputs. However, if you're accustomed to using a lightweight mouse - say 60 grams or less - you'd need a lot of practice with the Cobra Pro's extra weight. Nevertheless, this could be subjective since other users prefer a little heft on their mice to pivot and spot targets. The added weight can help prevent them from over-shooting or making erratic movements, especially in situations that require quick and accurate pivoting.

Software and Battery

The Razer Cobra Pro is also supported by the company's Synapse Software. With this tool, you can adjust granular levels in the mouse's liftoff. You can also program commands and add some extra function to your buttons. With this, I could change my Polling Rate and switch to RGB's Smart Dimming instantly to conserve battery.

Razer Cobra Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

You'll have a total of five (5) onboard memory profiles with the Cobra Pro. You can also customize this using the Synapse; and you can activate or switch to different profiles by pressing the dedicated Profile button on the mouse's underside.

As for the battery, the Razer Cobra Pro comes with a decent battery life. It is roughly 100 hours in Wi-Fi mode and 170 hours on Bluetooth. It's also worth-noting that the battery life will gradually shorten if the RGB lights are turned on.

Razer Cobra Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

Should you buy the Razer Cobra Pro?

The Razer Cobra Pro wireless gaming mouse stands out as a highly dependable mouse suitable for both gaming and work purposes. Its ambidextrous symmetrical build ensures universal appeal. While it leans slightly towards the heavier side compared to other high-end mice within the company's lineup, the Cobra Pro distinguishes itself with a Pro-level sensor featuring an impressive maximum DPI resolution.

Furthermore, the mouse is complemented by Razer Synapse, a proprietary application, that empowers users to tailor button configurations, craft macros, and establish profiles, enhancing the overall gaming experience. Plus, the inclusion of vibrant RGB lights adds an extra layer of aesthetic appeal.

In conclusion, the Razer Cobra Pro is an excellent investment for those seeking a versatile mouse that excels not only in gaming but also in handling various productivity workflows on their devices.

You may buy the Razer Cobra Pro via Shopee at a discounted price of ₱7,995.

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