vivo V29 5G: Brilliance with Aura Light 2.0 and Chic Design

vivo, a global smartphone technology pioneer, introduces its latest marvel, the V29 5G, featuring a massive 12GB RAM and 512GB ROM. This stunning addition to the V Series raises the bar for smartphone innovation with its flagship-level Aura Light Portrait 2.0.

vivo V29 5G: Brilliance with Aura Light 2.0 and Chic Design

vivo V29 5G: A Marvel of Innovation and Style

The vivo V29 5G is your gateway to capturing and celebrating every moment in style. With Aura Light 2.0 and Smart Color Temperature Adjustment, it delivers an enchanting user experience while effortlessly adapting to daily challenges.

Your personal lighting maestro

Acknowledging the pivotal role of light in capturing breathtaking images, the vivo V29 5G boasts the largest Aura Light 2.0 in V Series history, ensuring uniform illumination, eliminating shadows, and enhancing skin tones.

The vivo V29 5G goes beyond enhancing visual appeal with its all-encompassing Aura Light 2.0. It introduces the integration of Smart Color Temperature Adjustment, allowing the device to adapt to various environments with varying color temperatures.

Whether you find yourself in dynamic nightclubs, vibrant neon-lit streets, or cozy bars, the vivo V29 5G effortlessly adjusts its color temperature to harmonize with the surroundings, effectively becoming your personal light designer.

Subjects in dimly lit environments are gently illuminated, allowing their unique characteristics to shine through. The result? Bright, clear portraits with a captivating atmosphere that enrich every shot.

Capturing every smile with grandeur

Experience enhanced imaging with a 50MP HD Camera, 92° wide-angle front camera, Auto Focus, and EIS stabilization.

The expanded field of view and precise autofocus capabilities liberate your photos from the limitations of traditional selfies, capturing more smiles effortlessly and without distortion.

Whether it's group photos or videos, the vivo V29 5G empowers you to unleash your creativity, creating enchanting memories radiating with brilliance and authenticity.

Unlock the beauty of the night

The vivo V29 5G also excels in night photography with its advanced 50MP OIS Ultra-Sensing Camera. It delivers stable images even in low-light conditions.

Expect superior image quality and genuinely satisfying results, all without the hefty price tag typically associated with studio-level photography integrated seamlessly into a smartphone.

But that's not all – the V29 takes night-view videos to new heights with its advanced technology. The Ultra Stable Video feature, supported by OIS and EIS, guarantees steadier and clearer shots of various night scenes.

Moreover, the Super Night Video feature, bolstered by excellent night scene algorithms and robust stabilization capabilities, addresses the challenges of shooting videos in low-light conditions.

In essence, the vivo V29 5G allows your night shots to shine brilliantly, capturing outstanding details with impeccable beauty.

Your ultimate one-stop vlog-maker

The V29 is expertly crafted to empower users in their pursuit of vlogging excellence and social media content creation. The Micro Movie feature offers a one-stop video creation experience with various built-in templates and a professional editing assistant, eliminating the need for separate editing apps.

Redefine elegance with timeless style

Choose from two luxurious colors - Magic Maroon and Starry Purple, each offering a unique premium quality.

vivo V29 5G: Brilliance with Aura Light 2.0 and Chic Design

The Magic Maroon edition is crafted using a unique Color Changing Fluorite AG Glass and nano-scale photoetching technique, delivering a soft touch and unique premium quality that transitions gracefully between light and shadow with its photochromic color-changing effect under sunlight or UV light.

The Starry Purple edition, inspired by the Milky Way and twinkling stars, transcends the ordinary. The Innovative 3D Starry Craft technique creates a glittering purple galaxy like no other, while the interplay of light on the back panel ensures it shimmers like the night sky with two milky ways and twinkling stars.

Best screen in V Series history

The vivo V29 5G features a remarkable 120Hz 1.5K AMOLED display and a 6.78″ 3D curved screen, delivering stunning visuals to captivate users. With an impressive resolution of 1.5K and a super-high pixel density of 452 PPI, every detail comes to life with astonishing precision.

You will also be immersed in a captivating visual experience as the V29 showcases 1.07 billion colors and a DCI-P3 cinema-grade color gamut.

Furthermore, the vivo V29 5G prioritizes eye health and has received three SGS professional-grade eye protection certifications, underscoring commitment to visual well-being.

Delivering unrivaled performance

Powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G mobile platform and Memory Booster (12 GB RAM + 8 GB Extended RAM), the vivo V29 5G ensures top-tier performance. Its Ultra Large VC Bionic Cooling System guarantees a smooth experience, whether you're gaming or watching movies.

With 80W FlashCharge and a 4600mAh battery, it charges rapidly. In just 18 minutes, you'll go from 1% to 50%, ensuring your phone stays reliable and ready for extended use.

The vivo V29 5G also comes with IP54 certification. Whether you find yourself caught in a sudden rain shower or lounging by the pool, the vivo V29 5G stands strong with its splash-resistant and dust-resistant design, all within normal usage conditions.

Backed by over 60 laboratory reliability tests, the vivo V29 5G promises a worry-free experience in any situation.

Secure yours today with two storage options: 12GB + 256GB for only Php 24,999 and 12GB + 512GB for just Php 26,999. Purchase on the official vivo Philippines website or through popular e-commerce platforms like Shopee, Lazada and TikTok, as well as at physical stores across the country.


The vivo V29 5G is also available through Home Credit with a 0% interest rate, starting at just Php 1,002 per month for the 256GB ROM variant and Php 1,082 per month for the 512GB ROM variant.

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