Join Anne Curtis unlock magic of night portraits with vivo V29 5G

When the sun sets, the magic begins. Anne Curtis, the enchanting icon of Filipino cinema, knows that nightfall unveils a different kind of beauty.

Join Anne Curtis unlock magic of night portraits with vivo V29 5G

Renowned for her captivating presence both on and off the screen, Anne has chosen the vivo V29 5G as her trusted companion for capturing breathtaking night portraits.

On September 25, 2023, Anne unveiled the vivo V29 5G, showcasing its top-notch camera designed to capture flawless portraits and group selfies, even in challenging low-light conditions.

The vivo V29 5G, equipped with groundbreaking camera technology, empowers individuals to unveil their unique beauty, even in the subtlest of moonlight.

Here’s why every Filipino should consider joining Anne Curtis in illuminating their nights with the vivo V29 5G:

WATCH: Every portrait becomes a masterpiece

Introducing the vivo V29 5G, a smartphone that takes your photography to the next level. With its 50MP optical image stabilization (OIS) ultra-sensing main camera and enhanced Aura Light 2.0 technology, it's all about putting you in the spotlight.

Building on the success of the vivo V27 Series, the Aura Light 2.0 is now even more impressive. It's nine times larger and boasts 36 percent brighter 360-degree even lighting.

Plus, the Smart Color Temperature Adjustment feature lets you set the Aura Light 2.0 to match your preferred warm or cool lighting.

You can also now capture stunning group selfies with the 50MP front camera, featuring autofocus capability and a wide 92-degree field of view.

These features allow you to share nighttime adventures with friends and family through portraits that dazzle with their clarity and vibrancy.

Join Anne Curtis unlock magic of night portraits with vivo V29 5G
Magic Maroon and Starry Purple

The vivo V29 5G transforms every moment into a work of art worth sharing. Experience the magic of night portraits alongside Anne with the vivo V29 5G, available in Magic Maroon and Starry Purple.

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Grab yours now at 12GB + 256GB for Php 24,999 and 12GB + 512GB for Php 26,999. Get it at vivo Philippine's official website, e-stores such as Shopee, Lazada and TikTok, as well as physical stores nationwide.

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