Why switch to DITO Mobile Postpaid FLEXPlans?

Achieving significant life milestones signifies personal growth and success. Whether graduating from college, landing a dream job, or starting a family, embarking on these new journeys signify that we deserve an upgrade in the various aspects of our lives, even in our mobile phone plans.

Why switch to DITO Mobile Postpaid FLEXPlans?

While some may think that going postpaid is very expensive and overwhelming, DITO Telecommunity, the fastest growing telco provider in the country, revolutionized the postpaid market by offering simple, premium, and yet affordable plans that will allow you to reap the benefits of mobile postpaid without going above your budget. DITO Mobile Postpaid FLEXPlans will give you enough reasons to make that much-needed switch to postpaid.

Get the upgrade you deserve

By upgrading to mobile postpaid, you will get more than just unlimited calls and texts. With DITO Mobile Postpaid FLEXPlans, you can unlock a new mobile experience without spending too much. For as low as P588 a month, the budget-friendly FLEXPlans of DITO offer exclusive benefits such as the DITO Advance Pay feature and a 12-month Prime Video subscription, which allow you to maximize your digital experience.

You also get the upgraded convenience of not having to reload your phone every time you reach zero balance. Having a postpaid plan assures you that you won’t run out of credits on occasions when communication and access to the internet are crucial.

Choose a flexible plan that fits your lifestyle and budget

Another reason to switch to a DITO Postpaid FLEXPlans is the flexibility and affordability it offers. Giving you the liberty to choose the plan that suits your needs, habits, and budget, DITO offers affordable and flexible SIM-Only Plans (with a locked-in period of 6 months) and Handset Plans (with a locked-in period of 24 months).

DITO SIM-Only Plans

If you already have a handset, you can choose from any of the SIM-Only Plans:

  • FLEXPlan 588 with 16GB data;
  • FLEXPlan 888 with 40GB data plus 20GB for 5G;
  • FLEXPlan 1288 with 60GB data and bonus 30GB for 5G; and
  • FLEXPlan 1688 with 100GB data and bonus 50GB for 5G.

With a lock-in period of 6 months, all SIM-Only plans include UNLI all-net calls & texts, a 12-month Prime Video subscription, and data rollover.

SIM-only postpaid subscribers can avail of special discounts when they pay 6, 12, and 24 months in advance. The discount scheme is as follows: Advance Pay (6 months): 8% discount, Advanced Pay (12 months): 18% discount, and Advanced Pay (24 months): 40% discount.

DITO Handset Plans

If you’re eyeing a new phone, you can choose from the DITO Handset Plans:

  • FLEXPlan 588 with 8GB data;
  • FLEXPlan 888 with 20GB data plus 20GB data for 5G;
  • FLEXPlan 1288 with 30GB data plus 30GB for 5G;
  • FLEXPlan 1688 with 50GB data and bonus 50GB for 5G.

With a contract term of 24 months, all Handset Plans include UNLI all-net calls & texts, a 12-month Prime Video subscription, DITO Rewards points, and data rollover.

Own the phone of your dreams

When you choose the DITO Mobile Postpaid Handset Plans, you get the chance to avail one of the premium handset offerings of DITO.

For premium yet budget-friendly options:

  • Samsung Galaxy A04e is free for all plans;
  • Samsung Galaxy A04 is free for Plan 888;
  • Samsung A14 5G is free for Plan 1288.

Other handsets available are: Samsung Galaxy A23 5G, Samsung Galaxy A54 5G, Samsung Galaxy S23, and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4. You may check out the corresponding cash-out matrix for handsets via dito.ph/postpaid/handsets.

Choose your mobile number or keep your current number

Subscribing to DITO Mobile Postpaid FLEXPlans gives you the benefit of choosing your number or keeping your current number by availing of the Mobile Number Portability. Customers who wish to avail of this feature should apply their postpaid plans at DITO Experience Stores.

“At DITO, we want more Filipinos to take their digital experience to the next level. By providing affordable postpaid plans, we aim to empower more Filipinos to make the most of digital technology and help promote digital inclusivity in the country,” said DITO Chief Commercial Officer Evelyn Jimenez.

Get the DITO Mobile Postpaid FLEXPlans now at DITO Experience Stores, via the DITO App (SIM-Only Plans), and select device retail partners nationwide (Rull's, Memo Express, EC Panda). For more information, check out dito.ph/postpaid.

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