TCL P7 Series Direct Drive+ Topload Washing Machine Sets the New Standards in Efficiency and Performance

TCL, the leading consumer electronics brand, finally launches the latest addition to its lineup: the all-new P7 series Direct Drive+ Topload Washing Machine. This remarkable appliance is designed to go beyond your regular laundry expectations. The P7 Series washing machine ensures a thorough and powerful rinse while keeping your clothes safe from harm, all while being incredibly energy-efficient.

TCL P7 Series Direct Drive+ Topload Washing Machine

P7 Series WashPro DirectDrive+ Topload Washing Machine

The P7 Series WashPro DirectDrive+ brings you advanced features typically found in pricier models. With the advent of innovative washing machines coming out in the market, TCL ensures you enjoy cutting-edge innovation without breaking the bank.

That’s how we did our Washing Machine, emulate on how we do the traditional washing before but made it more efficiently, effectively and within reach for our Filipino,” says Mr. Jie Cheng, TCL Chief Executive Officer.

Indeed, the P7 Series WashPro will make your laundry washing worthwhile and enjoyable with its top functions that will satisfy users even more.

More Stable and Quieter, More Energy-Efficient and Durable

The P7 Series washing machines can stay still and do their work as quietly as possible without the hassle of loud vibrating noises. Thanks to the DD Inverter Motor or the Direct drive motor. 

Unlike traditional machines that use belts, the DD Inverter Motor is directly connected to the drum. This unique setup not only makes the washing machine efficient but also results in a more stable structure, significantly reducing noise and vibrations during operation. Meanwhile it's able to increase durability while reducing energy and water consumption.

Waterfall Style Washing

When water cascades inside the P7 Series washing machine, you’ll be assured that the clothes are rinsed less abrasively and the detergent is dissolved more efficiently. This waterfall style washing feature avoids the high spin and tangling of clothes which often happens when you stuff your washing machine with more than its load.

Less Friction, More Care

Emulating the hand washing style that we have grown accustomed to is the unique feature dubbed as the Honeycomb Drum. This function is done by spinning the drum in a programmed movement to really remove the stains and clean your clothes.

A hexagonal capillary design has evolved in order to care for clothes during a cycle. The rounded inner convex surface gives the garment better protection by reducing friction damage to them. Besides, the tiny 2.3mm drying holes could protect clothes from being stretched.

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