A Gamer's Choice: Laptop or PC?

You’re in the market for your own gaming machine, the chances of you juggling between a PC or a laptop would be in high bars. For most of us, this is a long-standing decision especially if you’re looking into buying your first gaming device. From an earshot, the choice may be as simple as getting the hottest gaming device right now, but there’s a whole lot of factors to consider before taking the plunge.

Gaming Laptop or PC?

Nowadays, there are plenty of platforms to buy gaming PCs, laptops, or even components. If you want a smoother purchase without having to leave the comforts of your home, you can check out the SM Online App. You’d enjoy lots of perks and deals inside this app. On top of that, you’ll have peace of mind since items have a “Lowest Price Guarantee” seal. It could be a chore to shop in SM Cyberzone’s physical stores; but you can shop at your fingertips with the SM Online. Just browse through the app to check out the hottest gaming items right now. 

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But before that, you need to decide what you’ll purchase and some trade-offs that you will be making. Here are the factors that you need to consider before making that decision.

Laptops are Portable

When deciding between a laptop or a PC, portability is a de facto factor to keep in mind. It matters where you plan on using the computer. Are you someone who travels a lot? Do you have a fixed gaming station in the house? If you’re the former, a gaming laptop would be the ideal choice for you. You’ll be having a powerful device that could be at par with most PCs in the market and take it just about anywhere; like the portable Acer Nitro 5 that is listed in SM online app.

New generation laptops are now even lighter than ever; and it makes a great companion while you’re on a plane or in a coffee shop. Generally, you can also get additional accessories like a docking station, external monitor, gaming mouse, and keyboards to upgrade your gaming experience. Of course, these accessories come with additional costs, but it’s something you’ll probably get along the way when you are invested in gaming.

PC is the King of I/O Support

On the other hand, PCs generally may not be as portable, but it excels in various Input/Output solutions. Due to it being a system of interconnected peripherals, a PC’s tower is very generous when it comes to ports and interfaces like USBs, suite of audio/visual ports, support for multiple monitors, and more. This allows a more versatile gaming station and opens a choice for non-standard gaming accessories.

Performance is Key

Both Laptop and PC could give the best performance in gaming. Though we agree that PCs deliver more efficient and powerful performance; however, the margin is now slimmer when compared to modern gaming laptops. In addition, PCs tend to manage thermal considerations very well; it could also throw in higher-end components but the latest laptop in the market also fairs well in terms of heat management and performance. 

The ASUS Republic Of Gamers line has both powerful laptop and desktops in their Zephyrus and Strix lines. The ROG Strix GL10CS-PH032T stands out in performance and form factor.


Desktop gaming PCs always welcome upgrades for a wide selection of hardware. This is due to PCs segmented and modular construction. You can easily swap or upgrade components when your device does not satisfy your requirements due to its age or you feel like upgrading to a more powerful hardware without buying a new device. This allows you to regulate your system and maintain its peak performance. For example, you can just swap your old card with the new MSI N210-MD1G graphics card which is also available in the app.

Unlike desktop gaming PCs, laptop upgrades are only limited to some core hardware like the RAM or storage capacity. Upgrading your CPU or GPU is almost impossible, so it’s even more practical to buy a new one. GPU and CPU specifications are points you need to consider in buying a laptop in the first place.

Aesthetics and Customizations

Lastly, if you’re into customization, there’s a whole lot of options for you to choose from when you go the PC route. You can install variations in your PC like LEDs, visual designs of components, and more. You can also opt to have hardware customizations like overclocking of CPU and install liquid cooling loop in your tower.

For laptops, there are also plenty of options for visually spicing up your laptops. Gaming laptops are now even more attractive than ever before with LEDs preinstalled in chassis; some are highlighting the hardware from the inside. But you must keep in mind that you need to choose your aesthetics upon purchase, there are limited choices when customizing existing laptop designs.

To elevate you gaming laptop experience, you can checkout the MSI GK30 Gaming Combo in the app. This keyboard-and-mouse combo features RGB lightings.

Gamer's Choice: Should You Buy Laptop or PC?

For sure by now you have a pretty good idea on what gaming device to buy. Both laptop and desktop PC offer solid performance; yet they differ on the gaming experience. However, I would have to say that there is no wrong choice between the two as it is up to the users to know what features they want in their gaming machines.

When you’re already decided, there are bunch of options to choose from when you go to your nearest store, but if you wanted to have bigger gaming selections in just one tap, you can use the SM Online app as it is backed by a wide catalog of official gaming providers and its very own SM Cyberzone mall section. You can even score up to 38% OFF on gaming laptops that are lowest price guaranteed. Download the SM Online app in Google Play and App Store and make the first step of your awesome gaming journey.

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